150-acre development proposed in Town of Lisbon
Plans include 105 homes, 152 multifamily units

By Kelly Smith - Special to The Freeman

Dec. 6, 2017

TOWN OF LISBON — Neumann Companies is proposing a nearly 150-acre multiuse residential and commercial development along Hwy 164 between Jay Lane and Good Hope Road, north of the Sussex village boundary.

The initial plans call for 105 residential lots between 10,000 and 20,000 square feet, 240 senior housing units, and 152 multifamily units including 40 four-plex and 28 two-plex units, according to a document released by the town Tuesday.

The initial concepts of the development will be discussed by the Plan Commission during its meeting on Thursday.

Town Administrator Matt Janecke said the meeting will provide commissioners with an opportunity to review and comment on general concepts of the plan.

Janecke said decisions have not been made regarding whether the proposal might be a planned unit development with a conditional use permit.

Such developments and permits require public hearings.

He anticipated a public hearing would also be required for zoning changes that would be necessary to implement the development plans.

The site of the development comprises two separate 74acre parcels on the west side of Hwy 164 that are presently zoned for agricultural uses.

Janecke said sanitary sewer service can be provided to the development through a sewer main that the town owns along Hwy 164.

However, Sussex Village Administrator Jeremy Smith said the town owns sewer capacity but does not own the sewer line.

He said the village and town would have to negotiate how the sewer will be moved from the development to the village’s sewerage treatment facility.

Smith also said a joint planning committee of town and village officials will have to approve the development.

Water resources for the development have yet to be determined, according to Janecke.

He said a feasibility study may be required to determine the source of water for the development.

Janecke added there is a possibility that the town might consider creating a Tax Implement Financing (TIF) district that would help pay for — or at least finance — sewer and water utilities for the development.

A portion of real estate revenues collected within a TIF district are set aside to help pay for public improvements on economic development projects that are expected to increase real estate tax revenues for the municipality in the future.

Janecke recalled Neumann Companies approached the town about a residential development project on the site in late 2016 or early this year.

Town officials pointed out that the long-range land use plan called for multiple commercial and residential uses for the property, according to Janecke.

Janecke said Neumann Companies revised the plans to reflect multiple uses.

About 1.5 acres have been set aside for neighborhood retail uses.

Another 3.6 acres have been set aside for other mixed uses, according to the documents.

About four acres have been set aside for 84 multifamily units and another 12 acres set aside for the multifamily four-plex and two-plex buildings.

There are 25 acres in the center of the development set aside for the 105 single family homes with 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 square-foot lots.

The plan also sets aside 10 acres for senior housing facility and 5 acres for a town park.

However, Janecke emphasized all of those dimensions could change depending on how plan commissioners react to the proposal.

Executives with the Neumann Companies could not be reached for comment before deadline.