A budget-friendly, shabby-chic boutique shop
Feather and Fringe a charming presence in Mukwonago

By Brandon Anderegg

Dec. 6, 2017

Feather and Fringe owner Nicole Gunderson describes her business as a
budget-friendly, shabby-chic boutique shop.
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MUKWONAGO — The Feather and Fringe, owned by Mukwonago resident Nicole Gunderson, is a small boutique shop nestled in the first floor of a 19th century church at 216 Main St. in Mukwonago.

Gunderson never dreamed of having a business venture. But when she stepped inside the church, she couldn’t help but envision a women’s boutique-style clothing store.

“I love the charm of the building and I always wanted to see inside,” said Gunderson. “Then when I walked in I thought, ‘this is so charming and perfect for a boutique.’” Gunderson is married to the Rev. Bill Gunderson of Fox River Christian Church in Waukesha. They have four children and have lived in Mukwonago for seven years.

Gunderson describes her new store, which opened this past June, as a budget-friendly, shabby-chic shopping experience with a friendly and all-inclusive vibe.

The Feather and Fringe Boutique is nestled on the first floor of an unassuming
19th-century church in Mukwonago.
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Shoppers have a selection of both women’s and children’s clothing, which includes shoes, accessories, home décor, essential oils, soap blends, candles and more.

But if it’s not the charm of the shop that draws people in, it might just be Gunderson’s philosophy behind selling women’s clothing.

“Each of us are individual, beautiful and unique,” she said.

Gunderson said The Feather and Fringe has an atmosphere that lends itself to all-inclusiveness and making women feel good about who they are. Customers have told Gunderson that they love the wide range of sizes — the store carries baby sizes to women's 3X, she said.

When women come into the store looking for a particular outfit for an occasion, she’s always willing to help match outfits and share tips if customers ask. And Gunderson said the store's atmosphere lends itself to conversations among shoppers, who often give each other advice.

However, she said what she loves most about her business is being able to connect her passion for clothing with helping women in the community feel confident no matter what their size may be.

“It’s really heartwarming because we try to make this store about the community,” said Gunderson For more information, visit http://featherandfringeboutique.com/ or search @featherandfringeboutique on Facebook.