Glad You Asked That: Why has Arrabelle construction not started?

News Graphic Staff

Dec. 21, 2017

Q. I read with interest in the June 29 issue of the News Graphic concerning Arrabelle to be built in Cedarburg. The article stated that “there are several components in the works and the goal is to get started as soon as possible.” Do you have any idea why clearing of the land and construction has not started?

A. According to Cedarburg Planner Jon Censky, the reason why no work has begun on the Arrabelle project, planned for the former St. Francis Borgia school and rectory property, is because the developer still needs to obtain approvals on several project-related plans, including exterior lighting, landscaping and stormwater management.

A permit will not be issued until all of these plans have been reviewed and approved. Additionally, the developer is still in the process of obtaining financing for the project.

“My suggestion would be to keep an eye on the (city meeting) agendas, that will let people know when this project is scheduled for any action,” Censky said. “They are not on any future agendas now, but that can change and could be coming up shortly.”

Developer HSI Properties LLC received architectural approval for the project in July. The plan calls for two apartment buildings, nine townhomes and a single-family lot on Hamilton Road east of Washington Avenue.

While no date is set for work to start on the project, Censky estimated it’s likely construction activity would start this summer once the approval process is completed.

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