One-of-a-kind selection
Elements Unleashed opens in Cedarburg

By Laurie Arendt - News Graphic Staff

Jan. 9, 2018

 Elements Unleashed owner Catherine Fleischer has expanded from Neenah
to open a second location in Cedarburg.
Photos by Mark Justesen

CEDARBURG — Catherine Fleischer, owner of the newly opened Elements Unleashed in the former Rustic Palate, isn’t new to the boutique business, but she is new to Cedarburg. And there’s a little secret involved there.

“I actually went to high school with the people who own The Shinery,” she said of her neighbors.

And like The Shinery, Cedarburg is providing a great location for the expansion of her existing boutique business, which first opened in downtown Neenah.

Fleischer opened her second location in Cedarburg in mid-December, bringing a mix of one-of-a-kind and unique clothing, accessories and shoes, including cowboy boots, to the Settlement.

“I work very, very hard to offer an inventory of one-of-a-kind items and I source items from all over the world,” she said. “I listen to my customers to really hear what they are looking for, plus I also buy things that I like and would wear.”

She also does a significant amount of special occasion business, including mothers of the brides, bridal parties, brides and for special events. The boutique’s inventory, as well as its level of service, exceed what is found in a chain or larger store.

“I just had a bride decide on a red evening gown for her bridal dress,” she said.

 The selection at the recently opened Elements Unleashed store in Cedarburg’s Cedar Creek Settlement features several unique dresses.
Photos by Mark Justesen

Fleischer also offers full-service furrier services, something that’s not very common in our area.

“I actually was moving my mother into assisted living and had to clean out her house,” she said. “I got to her closet and opened it up and there was her pristine mink coat, the one she was saving for a ‘special occasion.’” She ended up learning about the profession and the proper way to care, condition and store a fur.

“Fur is regaining popularity and if you care for a fur properly, it will last you the rest of your life and beyond,” she noted. “Furs should be conditioned annually. It should be worn and not saved for a ‘special occasion.’ If you think of a leather sofa, the more you sit on it, the softer it gets.”

Furs don’t like light or variations in temperature or humidity, and they have a tendency to yellow if not taken care of, said Fleischer.

She’s currently splitting her time between the original Neenah location and Cedarburg, a town she’s grown to love in a very short time.

“I really have never been to Cedarburg before and I spent a few hours here one weekend,” she said. “It’s absolutely beautiful – both the place and the people. I’ve really enjoyed being here already in such a short time.”


Elements Unleashed
W63 N712 Washington Ave. Cedarburg