SkipperBud’s expands storage facilities to Nashotah

By Brandon Anderegg - Freeman Staff

Jan. 23, 2018

NASHOTAH — Skipper-Bud’s, the northern Illinois-based boat sales and storage company, has purchased the building and grounds of Lake Country Christian Academy near the Nashotah Village Hall off Lakeland Drive and has built several storage facilities on the property, according to Skipper Bud’s Marina Operation Manager Todd Suchomel.

Suchomel said by moving to Nashotah, Skipper Bud’s will be able to serve Lake Country boaters with a storage facility equipped not only to winterize boats but also provide light maintenance.

“Cleaning, buffing, light or mechanical work, we have the ability to do that too,” said Suchomel.

Construction for the five boat storage facilities began in July of 2017 and were completed by October, according to Suchomel. He said the more than 11 acres of land were optimal for their storage project.

“Some of the playground area and athletic field made it fairly easy to put up these storage buildings without doing a lot of work,” said Suchomel.

He said demand for boat storage, especially in Lake Country, was Skipper Bud’s motive for constructing boat storage in Nashotah.

“There is a fair amount of boating out in Lake Country,” said Suchomel. “We just felt that it was a good location and it would allow us to handle some of the people without having to bring them out to our Pewaukee store.”

The new facilities have room for approximately 225 to 250 boats, some of which were transferred from the Pewaukee location, said Suchomel. But they don’t plan on having staff at the new location.

“We’ll have people out on site if we want to winterize a boat,” said Suchomel. “But it’s not like we’re going to have an office there.”

Skipper Bud’s is also looking to split its current parcel in two with the intention of selling the parcel containing Lake Country Christian Academy’s school. Suchomel said the building is not conducive to the storage needs of the company. However, another business owner is considering the school for his or her business, he said.

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