Condo project will get sewer service
Mequon, Thiensville come to agreement

By Gary Achterberg - News Graphic Staff

Jan. 25, 2018

MEQUON — An upscale condominium development took a step closer to reality last week.

Developer David Hoff cleared a major hurdle when the Thiensville Village Board reached an agreement with the city of Mequon that will result in a sewer extension to the 32-unit project just north of the village line on a 10-acre parcel between Green Bay and Cedarburg roads.

Thiensville officials initially balked at providing sewer service. Even though Hoff agreed to pay for necessary upgrades to the sewer system, officials and at least one nearby landowner voiced concern that serving the site might use up capacity and hamstring future development in the village along North Main Street.

After an initial suggestion from Village President Van Mobley to detach the land – making it part of Thiensville – representatives from the city and village met and came up with an alternate solution that earned unanimous agreement from the Mequon Common Council and the Thiensville Village Board.

The city’s previously reported offer to prioritize a water utility project along Buntrock Avenue was endorsed Jan. 15 by the Village Board.

The informal approval will result in an intergovernmental agreement to formalize the deal that will be brought before both bodies. Mobley said he expects Thiensville will take it up at its Feb. 5 Committee of the Whole meeting.

It’s likely the Mequon Common Council will consider the agreement at its next meeting in February, City Administrator William Jones said Monday afternoon. He added it is likely the city’s Municipal Water Utility Commission – made up of the same members as the Common Council – will discuss the Buntrock Avenue project earlier the same evening.

Initially, the Mequon Common Council and the Thiensville Village Board announced they would discuss the proposed deal in closed session. Mequon Alderman John Wirth asked that it be discussed in open session and his colleagues agreed. Thiensville followed suit and discussed the plans in open session.

Mobley said after the meeting that the agreement reflects the “continued cooperation and goodwill between the two communities.”

Over the past few years, Thiensville has put a concerted effort into development along South Main Street. It provided incentives that led to construction of the Thiensville Health Alliance building. Other recent development in the area includes the Fiddlehead’s roasting facility, renovation of the historic building at Main Street and Buntrock Avenue for the cheel restaurant and construction of the Reuter Insurance building. The village also extended water mains down South Main Street and completed a Main Street renovation project.

The Tax Incremental Finance district that covers the south portion of downtown is getting close to being closed. While nothing has been decided, it’s possible village officials would then turn their attention to development on the north end of the village. That could include the vacant property on the west side of the street that housed a bowling alley decades ago.

The Mequon Water Utility project involves installing a water main along Buntrock Avenue. Mequon City Engineer Kristen Lundeen told aldermen Jan. 9 that the work will prevent potential major service disruptions in the event of a water main break. She called it “a high priority, if not the highest priority” for the utility.

Mobley said the work will be a big benefit for the village.

“Extending water increases the value and desirability of all the properties around it,” he said.