Proposed Slinger self-storage project granted CUP
Several conditions must be met for final approval


Jan. 25, 2018

A vehicle is seen moving along Highway C near American Eagle Drive on
Wednesday morning in Slinger.
John Ehlke/Daily News

A fourth attempt at receiving approval from Slinger’s Plan Commission for the construction of a self-storage facility has gained Commission support.

At their January meeting, commissioners approved granting a conditional use permit to developer Kevin Dittmar, whose proposals last year in April and July failed to gain village approval. In the latest proposal which gained Commission approval for the CUP, Dittmar will be allowed to construct several self storage buildings on the approximately 5.4 acre flag-shaped lot located along the West side of Hillside Road (Highway C). But he must also meet certain conditions.

In the first rejected plan Dittmar had proposed building the units an approximately 4.4-acre lot on the south side of American Eagle Drive and bounded on the west by the I-41 northbound on-ramp and Highway 60. At that time village officials said they didn’t believe Dittmar’s proposal was the best use of that property.

“There will be other better opportunities that will come forward for the property’s use,” Commissioner and Village Trustee Lee Fredericks said. “We need to be patient and let the economy take it’s course.”

Village Planner Marty Marchek said two other failed proposals called for the units to be built on a site along Hillside Road/Highway C, which is where Dittmar located the latest proposal which was approved. Marchek said the conditions required by the CUP were recommended by village staff.

“They are not elaborate. Some need additional action from the Plan Commission to ensure they are followed correctly,” Marchek said.

Those conditions include: Marchek said the site plan has to be approved because it must integrate fire lane requirements sought by the Slinger Fire Department that will connect to Stoney Lane. The architectural plans must be submitted and approved to verify that the building walls that face Highway C have 30 percent masonry. The landscaping plan also needs to be revised to add more plantings.

Marchek said Dittmar’s latest site plan proposal is different from the previous three.

“It’s less dense. That was some of the problem with the earlier plans that the fire department looked at it and send ‘we have to be able to turn around large fire vehicles inside that site’ and there wasn’t enough room,” Marchek said. “They needed larger turning radiuses at the corners of the buildings so the buildings had to be shortened to allow for the larger turning radiuses.”

In a letter to the Plan Commission Slinger Fire Department Inspector Lt. Greg Koehler also expressed other concerns about Dittmar’s plans:

The department expected a second fire hydrant to be included on the project site.

The driveway width versus truck width is not adequate on the current first fire department access. One vehicle in the driveway will block additional access to the site and fire department access.

Missing second fire department access.

In his earlier failed plans, Dittmar had proposed constructing about 52,000 square feet of enclosed self storage space to be divided into various sizes including 10 feet by 10 feet, 10 by 20, 10 by 30, and 12 by 30.

“The buildings (in the new plan) are going to be smaller and there might not be as much space as in the earlier plans,” Marchek said.

The latest plan also calls for the first phase of the project to include two climate controlled facility with most unit access by interior door and served by HVAC systems.

A new state law, that went into effect at the start of this year, also impacted the Commission review process for the CUP request.

“It was the first time we operated under the new state law, Wisconsin Act 67, where conditional use permits are regulated differently,” Marchek said. “That makes granting conditional use permits a very methodical, but fact based, process.”

At the most recent Plan Commission meeting a petition with dozens of signatures opposing granting the CUP for the Dittmar project was viewed by the panel. Also several letters of opposition were also read into the record.

Marchek said he was to meet with Dittmar Wednesday afternoon to review the revised plans so they can go before the Plan Commission at the Feb. 14 meeting.

Dittmar could not be reached for comment before press time.

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