‘New name, new start’
Crossfit in Grafton under new ownership

By Melanie Boyung - News Graphic Staff

Jan. 30, 2018

New Crossfit owner Jamie Maier, center, is pictured with Crossfit Trainer Jason Olejniczak,
left, and Trainer Joe Moro.
Submitted photo

GRAFTON — The Crossfit in Grafton, formerly Crossfit Unbroken, has been relabeled as Ozaukee Crossfit, but people who call that their workout home can look forward to still having their gym, classes and trainers.

“New name, new start,” said Jamie Maier.

Maier is one of the members of Twin Affect LLC, which just officially took ownership of the Crossfit box last week. She and her business partner have had the Crossfit open and running since early January, having taken over shortly after former owner Patrick Manner decided to end his business.

“Patrick wanted a change, and we offered to come in and buy it,” Maier said.

Maier said that Crossfit is still running the same workouts and classes. Current memberships are being honored, and members will still have access to Crossfit, FiveBar, Crossfit Kids and other classes that have become staples at the exercise center.

Maier herself has been a member of the Crossfit gym for about a year and a half. While this is her first time owning a business, she said she was happy for the opportunity to keep the gym going. For now, much is the same as it has been, though moving forward there may be new things on the horizon.

“At this time, there are a lot of ideas,” Maier said.

One thing she said will happen soon is the presence of a certified dietician; Maier said Crossfit has done nutrition planning and classes before, but there will now be a nutritionist on staff for members.

Beyond that, Maier said an upcoming international competition is the next bigticket moment for the gym.

“The big thing now is the Crossfit Open, and getting as many members involved in that as we can,” Maier said.

The Crossfit Open is a five-week world event; hundreds of thousands of people who belong to Crossfit boxes across the world compete in different challenges, their performance being judged and scored. Those who qualify are invited to the finals, held this year in Madison.