Optometric boutique opens in Hartland
Theia Vision Care offers the latest in eye medicine, eye fashion

By Brandon Anderegg - Freeman Staff

Jan. 30, 2018

 Dr. Anna Koeck, owner of optometric boutique Theia Vision Care, examines her son Maks’ eyes.
Submitted photo

HARTLAND — French Impressionist painter Claude Monet is known for his series paintings, in which his observations of the same subject, viewed at various times of the day, are captured in numerous sequences.

By looking at one of Monet’s paintings from earlier in his career and comparing it to a painting of the same scene from just before he died, you’ll notice a blurriness to the latter — a result of the age-related eye condition called cataracts, according to Dr. Anna Koeck.

Koeck, an optometrist by trade, held the grand opening of her optometry business in Hartland called Theia Vision Care on Friday. And if you were to step into the quaint little optometric boutique located on 213 E. Capitol Drive, you’d notice a series of Monet’s paintings that depict the effects of his eye condition.

Similar to the differences found in Monet’s paintings, Koeck has the experience to notice the subtle changes that occur in the human eye. In fact, she can find unrelated health conditions just by looking at the patient’s eyes.

“I can actually see the twisted blood vessels caused by hypertension in your eye, or swelling caused by diabetes or your dry eye that is actually caused by the undiagnosed sleep apnea,” said Koeck.

Though Koeck prides herself on her ability to take care of all patients, she feels particularly passionate about caring for children, she said. So much so that she offers free eye exams to children who have not had one in the past.

“I also feel strongly about providing the best care for little ones who may not know to tell you if they are having vision issues or may even be having other concerns,” she said.

But Koeck said offering the latest medical ocular procedures and making sure her patient’s eyes are healthy isn’t the only aspect of her business. She said having the latest innovations in contact lenses along with fashionable frames is also key in providing comfortable vision and visual health for all of her patients.

“We want you to feel your best,” said Koeck. “From your overall health to your vision to your sense of fashion and style.”

Koeck lives in Hartland with her husband Josh and her 2-year-old son Maks. She said she’s excited to bring her family-owned business to Hartland and serve the community, “We are thrilled to bring our patient focused integrative medicine approach to Hartland, WI and the Lake Country Area,” said Koeck.

For more information about Theia Vision Care, call 262-361-0022 or visit http://www.theiavisioncare.com