Milwaukee Tool expansion incentives approved by development authority
Also approves amendment of tax incentive district for conference center

By Hannah Weikel - Freeman Staff

Jan. 31, 2018

 The Brookfield Community Development Authority has approved adding a 9.5 acre parcel of land to the cityís TID 3. A former Sears auto center on the property will be razed to make way for a new hotel and conference center near the south end of Brookfield Square Mall.
Hannah Weikel/Freeman Staff

BROOKFIELD ó Brookfield Community Development Authority members had nothing but good things to say about Milwaukee Tool Corporation at a meeting Tuesday and unanimously passed a request to create a new tax increment district for the construction of a new office building near its headquarters on Lisbon Road.

The building would be used for research, development and prototyping and the expansion is expected to create 350 new jobs in Brookfield, with average salaries around $75,000, said MLG Commercial representative Barry Chavin.

ďThese are good, family-supporting jobs,Ē said Mayor Steve Ponto. ďItís wonderful for the city of Brookfield, but also wonderful for the region. Iím delighted to have Milwaukee Tool in our community.Ē

TID 7, which received only its initial approval Tuesday, would envelop a single 3.5acre parcel of land at 13135 W. Lisbon Road. Existing TID 6 also encapsulates some of the Milwaukee Tool campus. Project costs are estimated at around $35 million, with about $3.47 million coming from the city, a staff report shows.

The new tax value of the development during the first few years of TID 7 would generate approximately $17 million. The new taxes generated would be around $4.64 million over 15 years, said Dan Ertl, Brookfield director of community development.

Jeremy Ferch, senior vice president of business operations at Milwaukee Tool said the company is looking at another site in Mississippi, and although their first choice is to expand in Brookfield, itís not a done deal yet.

The company is currently renting workspaces in Menomonee Falls and Milwaukee to do some of the work that would move to the new facility in Brookfield, which is predominately the advancement of linear edge ó or saw blade ó accessories that are carbide-coated at their Mississippi facility.

 Renderings of the new Brookfield conference center were on display Tuesday night at a Community Development Authority meeting.
Hannah Weikel/Freeman Staff

Brookfield conference center

A proposed amendment to TID 3 near Brookfield Square Mall was also approved unanimously on Tuesday.

The expansion added another 9.5 acres south of the mall where the former Sears Tire and Battery Auto Center was located that will be redeveloped into a state-of-the-art conference center and hotel owned by Brookfield.

Though the cost of the TID 3 development was not disclosed at the meeting, city officials say increasing hotel room taxes in Brookfield from 8 percent to 10 percent will pay most of debt the incurred by purchasing the property, replacing utilities, cleaning up the pollution on the site and building an 18,000 square-foot ballroom adjoined by a 170-room Hilton Garden Inn Hotel.

Community Development Authority member Robert Scott said the new conference center would cater to a demand thatís not met anywhere else in the area. He said other hotels in Brookfield are looking at the development as an opportunity because currently there isnít a space that can accommodate hundreds of people for a conference.

The development is part of a larger revitalization of the south end of Brookfield Square Mall, mainly for entertainment and meeting space purposes.