Hartland projects in progress


Feb. 3, 2018

The Plan Commission was given a few water tower color scheme options and it chose this design for all of Hartland’s towers, according to Village Administrator David Cox. This design works best because a green stem will camouflage the accumulation of dirt, Cox said.
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HARTLAND — The village has multiple projects in the works including a proposed condominium development on the northeast side, a plan to realign Highway KE, new outdoor benches downtown and beautifying the village’s water towers, according to a Jan. 15 Plan Commission agenda.

The proposed location for the new condominium project is on 80 acres of land between Mary Hill Park and Winkleman Road. The site plan indicates 72 single-family homes and 54 duplexes for a total of 126 units, according to Village Administrator David Cox.

But the development project is still several months off with various factors to consider before construction begins, said Cox. Due the proposed project’s location, the village has had to consider a plan to adjoin split segments of Highway KE near Highway K, which both village and Waukesha County officials have been discussing for quite some time, according to Cox.

The plan would call for relocating Highway KE near Highway K northeast of the Bristlecone Pines subdivision and the Legend at Bristlecone golf course. That intersection is now a split intersection with a 90degree turn, but under the new plan, Highway KE would run from Jungbluth Road to Winkleman Road — a safer alternative that would increase the flow of traffic, Cox said.

He added that the new route would effectively split the condominium development project in half, yet another reason the village has been planning ahead. Cox said not only would the village allow the county the right of way, but the village would make sure there were appropriate landscape buffers for homes adjacent to the highway.

“That county highway may not come for, let’s say 10 years after their house is built,” said Cox. “But at least we know that we planned for it and the location is as buffered as possible from their home.”

Moreover, the Plan Commission must consider amendments to the village’s Comprehensive Plan as parts of both the condo project and rerouting Highway KE. The amendments involve routing the highway as well as a future land use designation to allow more dense development for the condo project.

Cox said the Village Board wouldn’t take any action until after a public hearing scheduled for March 26. If the board approves the amendments, the process of approving a development and zoning plan could be done as early as June.

“If there’s approval made in June then I could see that they would get started in fall and then probably begin to occupy in 2019,” said Cox

Water tower

In upcoming years, the village will be repainting at least two of its water towers, on Hill Street and Coventry Lane, according to Cox. At the Jan. 15 Plan Commission meeting, staff sought commission and resident feedback for potential water tower painting schemes. Both the 15 or so residents at the meeting in addition to commission decided that a green stem and white top was the most aesthetically pleasing option, said Cox. Both the Commission and Village Board approved the new design, he said.

Downtown benches

The Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) sought village approval of a coordinated plan to replace all 17 existing benches downtown and to add two more at the Jan. 15 commission meeting, according to Cox. The existing benches are of many different styles and ages.

“One of the things they’re looking for is to create a consistent look and get rid of some of the ones that have aged,” said Cox.

The BID is proposing shared cost between itself and the village, using business sponsorships for the benches. The proposed bench and installation plan will present the need for additional concrete pads or footings in some locations.

The design and location of the benches have been approved by the commission. The Village Board will review the design, location and the BID’s finance plan for the benches on Feb. 26.