Arrabelle project plans get green light
Necessary next steps cleared at Plan Commission meeting

By Laurie Arendt - News Graphic Staff

Feb. 13, 2018

 The above rendering shows the landscaping that is planned for the Arrabelle
development on Hamilton Road.
Rendering courtesy of HSI Development

CEDARBURG — The Arrabelle apartment building plans for architecture, lighting and landscaping, along with a few other necessary items, received unanimous approval at last week’s Cedarburg Plan Commission meeting.

“The plans being presented are consistent with site plan and do need Plan Commission approval,” said City Planner Jon Censky. “The Certified Survey Map and the Development Agreement are simply recommendations that you are making to the Common Council.”

Tony W. DeRosa of HSI Development, along with project architect Eric Carmen, noted that a number of minor changes and clarifications were made in response to city input, including a change to internal garbage rooms.

A comprehensive discussion of the landscaping plan followed, with Jim Kemp of La Rosa Landscape Company noting that the plan is to leave much of the existing landscaping intact, whenever possible.

“We’re including a good diversity of trees; in the past, cities have planted too many ash and we’ve seen what happened because of that,” he said. “Eventually, off of the Hamilton Road building, there will be a higher canopy of maple trees.”

He described the planting in front of the townhomes as very “garden-esque,” noting that the intent is to help the project blend in with both the existing neighborhood and Cedarburg.

Chris Roessler, a resident of Spring Street, questioned whether the project plans could include privacy fencing along the back of her property.

“There’s never really much traffic at night and the privacy fences that are there were probably installed about 30 years ago.” But occasionally, when cars are in that parking lot, the headlights literally come right into our living room through this gap; it’s like something out of ‘Close Encounters.’ Not to make a joke of it, but we assumed that with all the new traffic coming through that something more than trees would be put there.”

According to the plan, three spruce trees were added to address that particular concern.

“No trees, whether they are spruce trees or whatever will hide the light from the headlights coming through,” she said, noting that adding height would not stop the problem. “We assumed it wouldn’t be incumbent on the residents who live there to put something in.”

A review of the plans showed that the existing footprint is changing for this area of the development, which would leave a buffer of grass adjacent to her lot where a paved surface is now.

After discussion, the landscaping plan was approved with minor changes to the plantings near Roessler’s property and in the far southwest corner of the project.

As for the lighting plan, Commissioner Greg Zimmerschied asked that the developer look to see if there were other parking lot lighting options that offered a design more in keeping with the existing lamps in the area before the plan was approved.

“I’m just suggesting a fixture that looks a little more appropriate,” he said. “I like the fact this hides the light. It’s not a deal buster or anything like that, but I would like to make sure that we’ve done a thorough search and there’s not a light fixture that provides the same benefits with a little more appropriate look.”

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