‘March into Kindness’ planned at the cheel
Nonprofits will benefit from restaurant’s event

News Graphic Staff

Feb. 14, 2018

THIENSVILLE — The cheel will be hosting a fundraiser, “March into Kindness with the cheel,” during the week of March 19.

As the cheel, 105 S. Main St., approaches its four-year anniversary, “March into Kindness with the cheel” is a way to give back and celebrate some of the nonprofits that continually do outstanding work for the community, Barkha Limbu Daily, owner and executive chef of the cheel, said in a news release.

Each participating organization is assigned a day where 10 percent of the gross revenue (not including gratuity) will be donated to the organization. During the weekend, the funds will be distributed equally to all participating organizations.

Here are the organizations:

Harry & Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center, Monday, March 19

Thiensville Village Park Re-Imagined, Tuesday, March 20

Thiensville Fire Department, Wednesday, March 21

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Thursday, March 22 In addition, the cheel will provide a locked box for each participating organization so guests may donate as they wish. The box can only be opened by each respective organization.

“I am very excited to kick off this annual event to help local nonprofit organizations to help achieve their mission,” said Daily. “We dine out for numerous reasons including birthdays, first dates and anniversaries or for no reason at all; so why not dine out and be kind?”