West Bend officials OK updates to McDonald’s on Main Street
Work to be done on exterior structure and the surrounding area

By RALPH CHAPOCO - Daily News Staff

Feb. 18, 2018

Customers visiting one of the restaurants along Main Street may soon observe a few changes as they dine at the location.

Members of the Plan Commission voted approve a site plan during the Feb. 6 meeting for the McDonald’s located along Main Street near West Bend City Hall, allowing for updates to the exterior structure and the surrounding area.

“Back in 1995, the commission originally approved the McDonald’s,” Business and Development Planner James Reinke said. “Then in 2007, we amended that site plan to do the dual drive lands. This is actually a full remodel for the exterior, also some interior modifications too.”

According the memo he sent to members of the Plan Commission, developers would like to alter the parking lot configuration, modifying them to a 45-degree angle to adapt a 13-foot wide, one-way drive aisle and a parallel parking lane for customers awaiting their orders.

The sidewalk connector from the building to the public sidewalk along the street will be relocated to the south, reducing the potential conflict between the drive-through and building entrance. An additional sidewalk will also be added along the south side of the facility for access and delivery to the vehicle waiting area for drive-through orders.

Developers want to alter the exterior color to gray while the lower portion of the exterior will be brick wainscot. Contractors will also color the corrugated metal panel system and wall times will be used around the main entrance of the east side of the building. The mansard roofs will be removed and replaced with a metal-faced canopies.

The signs that identify the location will also receive a makeover. Company representatives will update the wall and drive-through signage. The building wall sign on the structure’s east side will be 14 square feet featuring the McDonald’s logo. There will also be a 21-square-foot “Play Place” sign. This will replace the 99-square foot signs on the property.

That will be a 33-feet wall sign that identifies the company on the north and south side of the structure. This will replace the 50-square foot sigh on the south wall and the 32-square foot sign on the north wall. The south wall will also have a 14-square foot logo sign.

The menu boards and drive-through canopies will also get a new look.