Highway 60 subdivision moving forward
Stonewall Reserve annexation, review to go before Grafton Plan Commission

By Melanie Boyung - News Graphic Staff

Feb. 20, 2018

GRAFTON — A subdivision being designed for the 84-acre Kohlwey property on Highway 60 is on the agenda for the village of Grafton’s Plan Commission next week.

Named Stonewall Reserve in its preliminary plat documents submitted to the village of Grafton, the subdivision plan shows 91 single-family lots and 25 duplex lots, for a total of 141 new homes that would be created. While the property is currently in the town of Cedarburg, the development is planned for the village of Grafton.

The Plan Commission will meet and discuss Stonewall Reserve Tuesday, Feb. 27 at 6 p.m. The annexation request for the property to join Grafton is one item on the Plan Commission’s agenda, along with a rezoning request, the preliminary plat showing the subdivision’s layout and the certified survey map, all for Stonewall Reserve. The Plan Commission will also hold public hearings on the annexation and rezoning.

“The annexation and the rezone will go to the Village Board,” Village Planner Jessica Wolff said.

Wolff said those items go to the Village Board with recommendation from the Plan Commission. The survey map and plat are decided on by the commission itself. If everything is approved this round, a final plat will come back to the Plan Commission for final approvals.

The subdivision originally came to the Plan Commission as a concept plan in October. The development was presented by Towne Realty Inc. The plan shows 25 duplex lots in the southeast corner of the property, with 91 single-family lots across the north and west halves of the parcel.

The current house and buildings of the farmstead would remain a separate property on Highway 60.

Wolff said that there are some technical matters, such as water and sewer connections for the subdivision, still being worked on at the engineering level.

“I don’t have any major concerns,” Wolff said.

One concern brought up by area residents has been access. Initially, the subdivision’s sole access point would be from Keup Road, off the intersection of Keup and Highway 60. Residents from Cedarton Estates, a town of Cedarburg subdivision also off Keup Road, have voiced objections to such a large subdivision being added to that road.

“(The development) seems very dense … The single entrance on Keup Road is just a bad idea,” Chris Cotton said.

Cotton is a resident of Cedarton Estates. He said the neighborhood is concerned about safety, traffic volumes and their quality of life.

During the initial concept discussion in October, the Plan Commission discussed that the state Department of Transportation controls adding new intersections to Highway 60, and was unlikely to allow another so close to Keup Road. Members also discussed that the traffic signal at that intersection can be used to control the increase in traffic.

In the future, Wolff said there are other access points slated for the development.

“The subdivision does provide connections to the north and the east,” Wolff said.

Currently, the Kohlwey farm is connected to the village of Grafton to the south, allowing for annexation. To the west, north and east, the 84 acres are surrounded by town of Cedarburg and town of Grafton parcels. Additional road connections would occur when the surrounding properties are further developed.

Cotton also mentioned that the development would be in the village of Grafton, but part of the Cedarburg School District. The Grafton School Board briefly discussed the matter at a recent meeting; Superintendent Jeff Nelson said that land being switched between districts is possible, but requires both districts’ consent. The board asked Nelson to look into it.