Human milk dispensary to open in Brookfield pharmacy

Freeman Staff

Feb. 20, 2018

BROOKFIELD — The second mother's milk bank in Wisconsin is slated to open this week at MD Custom Rx in Brookfield to serve families in the Greater Milwaukee area.

Parents in need of screened, pasteurized human milk will be able to get it from MD Custom Rx, located at located at 19035 W. Capitol Drive, Suite 105 in Brookfield, after Friday, according to a press release.

Mothers' Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes provides mainly to families with premature babies, but also offers donor milk when mothers have low production, are sick or take medications that keep them from breast feeding. The donor milk is pasteurized and has benefits that babies can't get from formula that help them fight infections and aid in digestion.

“Access to pasteurized donor human milk in the outpatient setting has been important to breast feeding families for decades,” said Dr. Anne Eglash, medical director of Mothers' Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes in a statement. “Many families have found peace, reassurance and encouragement by the provision of donor human milk when there has been insufficient mothers' own milk.”

Donors are screened and blood tested for diseases, tobacco, alcohol and medications.

“MD Customs Rx has a long history of working with the breast feeding community and feels very passionate about being able to provide a safe option through the availability of pasteurized donor human milk,” said Monica Zatarski, pharmacist and owner of MD Custom Rx, in a statement.

Another dispensary is located at Hoey Apothecary, 217 Cottage Grove Road in Madison.