Salís returning to Cedarburg

News Graphic Staff

Feb. 20, 2018

 A sign on Salís Pizzeria promises a re-opening soon, though itís not yet clear when.
Photo by Mark Justesen

CEDARBURG ó Itís been 12 years since Sal Elmanzo opened his third Salís Pizza location in Cedarburg and seven years since he returned to the restaurant after selling it to a former employee in 2007.

And now, after selling it in 2014, heís back again.

Former owner Chris Leonard closed the Cedarburg location of Salís Pizza in October 2017, placing a sign on the door saying that the pizza restaurant was closed due to a death in the family. However, former employees reported that payroll was not made that month and in late November, an eviction action was filed against Leonard to vacate the property at W63 N635 Washington Ave. in downtown Cedarburg.

Salís Pizzaís Milwaukee East Side location has since posted on its Facebook page Sunday that Elmanzo was returning to reopen the Cedarburg location in the near future, noting, ďI will be open, making you the best pies and garlic knots in town again soon.Ē

The Facebook site also notes that Salís is actively seeking new employees for the Cedarburg location. For more information, call 414-967-8040 or check out ďSalís Pizza East SideĒ on Facebook.