Hartland commission approves amendment to comprehensive plan
Would permit condo developer to increase units from 100 to 126

By Brandon Anderegg - Freeman Staff

Feb. 20, 2018

HARTLAND — The Plan Commission approved an amendment to the village’s comprehensive plan Monday night that would allow Neumann Developments Inc.’s condo project to have a higher density of units.

The proposed location for the new condominium project is on 80 acres of land between Mary Hill Park and Winkleman Road. The development company’s site plan indicates that the development would include 72 singlefamily homes and 54 duplexes for a total of 126 units, according to Neumann Developments, Inc. President Matt Neumann.

The development company would like to increase the density of the condo development from approximately 100 units to 126 units because the development site is split by a future county and village Highway KE reroute project that would connect Highway KE north of Highway K and down to Jungbluth Road.

Neumann said the total acreage of developable land is significantly reduced by the Highway KE project, landscape buffer zones for the highway reroute and an undevelopable nature area in the northwest corner of the proposed site.

With a higher density and therefore more units, Neumann Developments Inc. could bring the condos to a price point more suitable for the market.

“What that allows us to do is bring the cost per unit down a little to what the market will bear given the constraints we have on that site,” said Neumann. “It hurts the value to have a county highway going through the middle of a housing project.”

Duplex condos would range from $375,000 to $450,000 while single-family condos would be listed for $450,000 to $550,000, said Neumann. He added that the development would attract folks in the latter half of the life cycle.

“The primary demographic we’re targeting is those families who have their kids grow up and move out and are ready to sell their home to a family that needs the space,” said Neumann.

‘The worst place possible’ for project, trustee says

Trustee Ann Wallschlager and other residents of Hartland who attended the meeting expressed their concern with the current traffic flow at the intersection of Highway KE and Highway K as well as the hilly topography of the area. Wallschlager said the condo development would further affect the flow of traffic by adding another 200 cars to the area.

“My feeling is that it’s the worst place possible that the village could put a development such as that,” said Wallschlager. “With all the subdivisions in the area, its already over utilized.”

While the new Highway KE route would remedy traffic congestion, Neumann confirmed that the county would not allocate funds for road construction of an alternate Highway KE route for at least another five years. This led some village officials and residents at the meeting to believe that a new highway should come before the development project.

Nonetheless, Neumann said the development project may coax county officials to act faster on a Highway KE alternate route. Moreover, Neumann Developments would incur some of the village’s cost to reroute Highway KE by laying down some of the foundation for the new road, said Neumann. He said the development wouldn’t happen overnight and traffic would increase at a manageable rate. “My hope would be by the time we’re nearing completion of our development and the traffic is really ticking up, I hope that the county is able to budget for that relocation,” said Neumann.

The Village Board will take the commission’s recommendation to change the comprehensive plan to a public hearing on March 26. If the board approves the recommendation, the developers would break ground by fall with basic infrastructure of the development completed by spring of 2019, according to Neumann.