Petitions, websites and Facebook pages formed to register citizen views on development

News Graphic Staff

Feb. 22, 2018

GRAFTON — As the Grafton Town Board objected recently to the village of Grafton’s proposed annexation of town land, residents of both the village and the town are finding their own ways to make their opinions known ... online.

A Facebook page called “STOP the Village of Grafton Industrial Park Proposal at 60& C” has been formed. The page has been used so far to post information on the project and the different methods of objecting.

A petition for village residents on opposing the use of tax incremental financing for the business park. The village petition recognizes the value of growth for the village, but objects to tax dollars being used for the private development, rather than the development supporting the tax base of the village at large.

A petition for town residents on, objecting to the development and how it would affect the town as a whole.

A GoFundMe page has been created to raise money to assist efforts against the development. The page states that donations will be used for signs, banners and other such materials to disseminate information throughout the town and village.