Jackson salon expands to accommodate increased business
Desire 2 Inspire first opened its doors in 2015

By RALPH CHAPOCO - Daily News Staff

March 1, 2018

Sara Dornbrook speaks about her journey as a stylist Wednesday morning at Desire 2 Inspire in Jackson. The beauty salon is expanding into the suite next to them to offer more services.
John Ehlke/Daily News

JACKSON — One Washington County resident translated her passion for people into a career as a hair stylist and has used her skills in that trade to develop establish a business.

Sara Dornbrook, the owner of Desire 2 Inspire Beauty Salon, has dedicated long hours to perfecting her craft and establishing her business. Her hard work has been rewarded by the clientele she has attracted and the staff she has brought on board.

She began her business in 2015, starting her own hair salon about several feet from the location where she began her career. She began in the industry working for another stylist for an hourly wage. Once she garnered enough clientele, her compensation was modified to commission before renting a chair from the owner of the salon.

The final transition was to find her own space and start her own operation. In the more than two years she has managed her business, there has been such an influx that the space she has available is no longer able to accommodate all that she wants to offer — so she is expanding.

It began with one apprenticeship, followed by another two individuals who wanted to join her as stylists.

“When there are three of us in here with our clients it gets crazy,” Dornbrook said. “Then I had another client come in who is going to school for massage and wanted to do massage. Well, I have always wanted that unit, and I have always wanted to expand, now I am being forced to.”

Dornbrook is expanding into an area adjacent to the one she occupies. There establishment to the east of her was empty, a room she could use to offer her the people she worked with the space they need to make their customers more comfortable.

She has segmented the floor plan by the service she wants to offer. The additional 800 square feet of room will be dedicated to hair while the store she currently uses will be dedicated to other amenities and services.

Dornbrook offers her clients a permanent makeup option. She listed the various selections, including full eyeliner, top or bottom liner, lips and touch ups. There is also the possibility for needling, from the forehead, feet and eyes to microneedling.

There is also areola tattooing for those who want it.

She is also incorporating a massage service for clients, as well as nail polishing and painting.

This is in addition to the various services for people’s hair, from blowouts to coloring, and even makeup.

“It is a little bit of a struggle in the beginning,” Dornbrook said. “Financially you don’t earn the most — it could pay off if you stick with it. I just think I saw the potential of what I think I could earn.”