Quad/Graphics to deliver in-magazine samples for Marc Jacobs

Freeman Staff

March 2, 2018

SUSSEX — Quad/Graphics has released Marc Jacobs’ newest mascara brand using Quad’s PromoPage sampling carrier affixed to a major fashion magazine.

According to Thursday’s announcement, the publication targeted 50,000 subscribers to receive the full-sized mascara product sample with their home-delivered issue. Quad/Graphics reports that product sampling accounted for $34 billion in marketing spending 2016.

In addition, 81 percent of consumers agreed that experiencing a product increases their comfort level when purchasing and 94 percent of households stated that sampling is a good determining factor of product effectiveness, according to the release.

“Product sampling, when combined with an integrated marketing strategy, is among the most effective ways to convert a prospect into a buyer,” said Brian Hickey, senior vice president of sales for Quad/Graphics. “The challenge to creating an effective sampling program is managing costs, increasing scale and ultimately driving ROI (return on investment). Our PromoPage carrier — along with our other PromoProducts solutions — addresses those challenges, delivering products to highly targeted audiences along with relevant content, which creates more powerful and memorable advertising campaigns.”