Verizon requests 130-foot cell tower in Town of Brookfield

Freeman Staff

March 2, 2018

TOWN OF BROOKFIELD — A request to build a 130-foot cell tower on Bluemound Road in the Town of Brookfield will have its first public hearing next month.

The Verizon antenna would be installed on a parcel of land next to Don and Roy’s Motorsports at 17740 W. Bluemound Road. Under a town ordinance, the approval process for a cell tower starts with a public hearing for residents and business owners in the area to learn more about the proposal and ask questions, said Gary Lake, town development services administrator.

Due to recent changes in state statute, municipalities have little control over where cell towers are built and how far they are placed from a property line, Lake said. Issues that the town used to include on permit applications aren’t legal to impose anymore, like requiring towers to be offset from all property lines by the same measurement as their height.

Still, Verizon, like other carriers, must submit a report that supports why the specific location was chosen and show there aren’t any other viable options that would have the same service results, Lake said.

“If it needs to be there, it needs to be there,” he said.

The Town Board will set a date for a public hearing during a meeting on Tuesday.