TRG Marketing’s new office reflects its values
Brookfield location has vibrant, collaborative spaces

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

March 7, 2018

Marc Whitney works in his office while Chad Ritterbusch consults with Miller Hogan at TRG Marketing in Brookfield. The new office space was designed to be conducive to collaborative work.
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BROOKFIELD — When TRG Marketing President Chad Ritterbusch set about creating a new location for his business, he wanted the space to reflect the way the employees worked with clients and each other.

“For us, it was about trying to align our office space with the way we work with one another as a staff and also with how we serve our clients,” he said. “We wanted a space that was more creative, more collaborative and that had more open space, more collaborative space.”

TRG Marketing only moved to the next building on Executive Drive in Brookfield, but the move was transformative.

A muralist was hired to paint the walls with slogans and a skyline of Milwaukee by Julie Kennedy, graphic designer with TRG. Vibrant open spaces were created to encourage collaborative work in the 4,800-square-foot office. Also, Ritterbusch wanted it to be an office environment that would be welcoming for clients and that clients could use for their own purposes. Some nonprofits have used the space as well, including USO Wisconsin and Girls on the Run.

“I like that our multi-space area is so flexible that we can have seminars on marketing topics, but also move around the furniture in the space, so it’s OK for five to 20 people,” Ritterbusch said. He also really likes the coffee bar that was created, which is a space for people to gather to discuss ideas and have lunch.

Business is moving in a manner that is more focused on collaborative work, Ritterbusch said, adding that is often driven by millennials.

From left to right, Aileen Smith, Therese Suslick, Jacob Werre, Chad Ritterbusch, Mike Shefky and Marc Whitney gather in the coffee bar area of TRG Marketing’s new office in Brookfield.
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“They want a collaborative office environment, they want to work with other people in an invested way that is a little different than past generations,” he said.

The TRG Marketing offices are also a reflection of how its staff works with clients.

“TRG is a firm built on collaboration with our clients. We are invested in them, just as they are invested with us,” he said.

Ritterbusch wants them to come to the office for a visit. A firm like TRG, Ritterbusch said, often has to work extra hard to show people what the company does so they understand the approach. The inspirational quotes on its walls highlighting TRG’s marketing process and the skyline of Milwaukee help to illustrate how TRG does business and the values it holds.

TRG Marketing recently moved down the road to 155 S. Executive Drive, Suite 100 in Brookfield.
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“This is part of a broader transformation of our business from Ritterbusch Group 14 years ago to the name TRG Marketing. After 14 years, we have developed an incredible staff of 10 people and they are 10 people who have been with us from the start,” Ritterbusch said, adding that during those years one person retired but no one has left the company. “We have developed a very strong experienced team of top-notch professionals.”

Ritterbusch said he no longer felt it was fair for the firm to bear only his name so he changed it to TRG Marketing.

He also made the decision to stay on Executive Drive in Brookfield, now located at 155 S. Executive Drive, Suite 100.

“We feel bullish on Waukesha County and Brookfield, and in particular this area of Brookfield,” Ritterbusch said. “We made a decision to not go to Third Ward or downtown, because this is where we all live and work and we are optimistic about the business clients in Waukesha County.”