West Bend native, HUHS grad named to Wisconsin Medical College faculty

Daily News Staff

March 7, 2018

The Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division has announced the appointment of its Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Schneider to the full-time faculty at The Medical College of Wisconsin in the department of psychiatry and behavioral medicine as an assistant professor for students in the clinician administrator path. His appointment begins this semester and will extend through June 30, 2020.

Schneider is a member of the leadership team at Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division and oversees clinical policy, program development, quality management, performance improvement and medical staff. He also is a part of the Milwaukee County Mental Health Board’s Joint Task Force and contributes to their process to identify a partner to build an acute psychiatric hospital for Milwaukee County and the subsequent planning for a community-wide psychiatric crisis services redesign.

Before joining BHD, Schneider worked for Aurora Psychiatric Hospital as the medical director of the intensive treatment unit at Aurora, president of the medical staff, and as chairman and vice-chairman of the medical executive committee of the Aurora Metro medical staff. He also served as a member of the medical management committee of the Aurora Accountable Care Network, the management committee of Aurora Behavioral Health Services and on the Aurora mid-market board of directors.

Schneider received several honors and medals for meritorious service in the Army. He served in the infantry and with the special forces medic training program and was promoted to staff sergeant.