Women open business they hope will be ‘a unique option’
Charmed Revival DYI Studio and Boutique in Richfield thriving


March 7, 2018

Sarah Zomboracz poses for a photo Tuesday afternoon at Charmed Revival DIY Studio and Boutique in Richfield. The studio opened in December and features workshops on constructing lazy susans, flower planters, pillows and other household items.
John Ehlke/Daily News

RICHFIELD — News is spreading fast around Washington County about a unique business that opened recently in the village’s downtown.

On Dec. 13, Sarah Zomboracz and co-owner Katie Zellner opened the Charmed Revival DYI Studio and Boutique, 1923 Highway 175 Unit C, Richfield, behind Two Brothers Winery.

“It’s been overwhelmingly positive since we opened,” Zomboracz said Tuesday. “We had our grand opening this weekend and it was great. March is already completely booked up with workshops and parties and we only have a couple days left in April.”

If arts and crafts and having fun are what you are interested in then you need to visit the new business.

“We offer multiple types of arts and crafts workshops from wood signs, to lazy Susans, we’ve done a clock workshop. We have a woman coming in to teach alcohol ink painting. We are offering knitting and crocheting classes coming up. We have kid activities. We did embroidery with the kids for Valentine’s Day,” Zomboracz said. “We can hold birthday parties. We’ve had a couple of businesses come in for their camaraderie event. We have Community Memorial Hospital coming in on Tuesday. We will be going like stenciling on canvas bags and pillows.”

Zomboracz said she and Zellner wanted to create a general space for a creative outlet and to bring the community together. “We also wanted to offer other artists a place that they could come in and teach and the public can come here can make their own home decor,” Zomboracz said. “In addition to that we have the boutique. We have a few local vendors selling some their items in here and we do purchase them wholesale, but that’s another option.”

The business is open 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Wednesdays. They have a calendar on their website that lists workshop hours.

“We’re happy to let people come in and shop during the workshops. We also have an online boutique that people can shop at,” Zomboracz said. “We’ll be increasing our hours as time goes on and we see where the need is.”

Zomboracz said she and Zellner met because they both have children who attend St. Gabriel’s School.

“We found we had mutual interests. We each wanted some kind of creative space and that caused us to come up with this idea,” Zomboracz said. “One conversation led to another and here we are.”

Zomboracz said Zellner was creating wood signs out of her home for a couple of years before this business opened. She then started something called “Chalk Tour” that is basically creating chalk signs.

“I started doing that with her. We originally were going to do a little mobile boutique, with a vintage camper. We were going to gut that and make it a little boutique, but then we realized neither of us felt comfortable backing it up,” Zomboracz said while laughing. “Then we heard the wine bar was coming to this building and then we saw a ‘for lease’ sign on the back of the building. The location was perfect so we really had to decide in moments in August.

“Everything went to fast so we didn’t really have time to think,” Zomboracz said. “We got the keys to the building Dec. 1 so Katie and I built our tables, our shelving, the register and then we got help in putting up ship lap on the office and on the entire back wall.

Zomboracz said she and Zellner are hoping to be part of the growth occurring in Richfield’s downtown area.

“We hope we can bring people together to use their creativity. I think Katie and I almost use that creativity as a stress reliever. We use it to relax,” Zomboracz said. “So to show people they can do that is something great. We have this nice boutique area to show off area vendors. We hope it’s a unique option for the public.”

You can contact the business online at www.charmedrevival.com or by calling 262-262-337-2156. They also have a Facebook page.

In addition to offering an outlet for creativity, the business has an in studio and online boutique featuring unique home decor, local vendor specialties, bath and body items and coming soon — a space dedicated for local child entrepreneurs.