West Bend clears way for River Road industrial complex
Business said to create 25 full-time jobs

By RALPH CHAPOCO - Daily News Staff

March 8, 2018

Antonio Martinez of West Bend walks to work along North River Road near a lot for sale Wednesday afternoon in West Bend.
John Ehlke/Daily News

West Bend residents can expect some construction activity to the northeast corner of the city, slightly west of the airport.

Members of the Plan Commission approved a series of measures during their meeting Tuesday to accommodate the construction of a 40,000-square-foot industrial complex at the southwest corner of North River Road and Lang Street.

The first measure created the necessary lots to fit the space that was required for the building.

“The purpose is to redefine the two existing lots into three lots,” Business and Development Planner James Reinke said. “The lots are currently vacant pending the development approval for lot one.”

According to the accompanying memo Reinke sent to members of the Plan Commission, the parcels are zoned for heavy industrial use. The lots are arranged from east to west, with the first one located nearest to the intersection of the two streets. The first is about 6.4 acres while the remaining two are about four acres each.

There are city water and sewer lines available along the north and south lot lines, and there is an existing storm sewer easement on the east side of the first lot and another on the west side of the third lot.

Accompanying the survey map is a site plan for the building located at 530 N. River Road, which will be constructed by Andrew Stringer with Cat Leasing LLC. The agent for the project is Mayor Kraig Sadownikow, who recused himself from the meeting prior to the discussion of the site plan.

“This development will benefit the TIF (Tax Incremental Finance) District number 13,” Reinke said. “The business would create 25 full-time jobs over the next three years.”

His memo to the Plan Commission members stated that two driveway connections are proposed for the site, a truck access along Lang Street as well as an employee and visitor access place along North River Road. There will be 48 standard parking and two barrier- free parking stalls on the property.

To meet the site’s utility requirements, sanitary sewer and water laterals will be extended from Lang Street toward the location, and there will storm sewer installed on the property that will discharge to storm water ponds before being directed to the sewer located east of the property.

Lighting for the location will consist of LED wall-mounted fixtures. There will be others mounted on 20-foot poles on the parking lot.

To identify the firm, there will be a ground sign located on the south side of the driveway along North River Road, but details regarding the sign have yet to be disclosed.