Join the rebellion
Trio of beer lovers to take over Silver Creek space

By Laurie Arendt - News Graphic Staff

March 13, 2018

Pictured are the new owners of the former Silver Creek Brewery, from left, Dale Georgeff, Peter Olds and Rod Otto. They will rename it Rebellion Brewery.
Photo by Art Dahlke

CEDARBURG — With their longstanding friendship and love of beer, the opportunity to take over the Silver Creek Brewery space along Cedar Creek was too much to pass up for Dale Georgeff, Rod Otto and Peter Olds.

“I had gotten to talking with Steve Roensch, one of the Silver Creek owners, and he mentioned that they were basically ready to retire and we got to talking,” said Georgeff, a homebrewer along with Otto.

As for Olds, he’s the owner of Martini Pete’s in Grafton and a partner in Cedarburg’s North 48. The chance for a third establishment with a focus on beer intrigued him.

“We’re definitely going to some beer-based cocktails, which we really don’t offer at the other two places,” said Olds.

The three partners took ownership of the bar and its beer recipes (as well as Silver Creek’s root beer) at the end of last month, and on a recent quiet weekday, they were busy turning the former Silver Creek Brewery into Rebellion Brewery.

“Join the rebellion,” Olds joked.

Meanwhile, Otto was busy cleaning out the tanks and getting a general feel for the lay of the brewery operations. From under a tank, he threw his two cents in.

“Everyone’s welcome,” he said.

The space itself, housed in the basement of the oldest operating business in Cedarburg – the grist mill along Cedar Creek – was incorporated as Silver Creek Brewing Co. in 2002 and started brewing its own beer in 2004. Though known for its beer, the establishment does have a full liquor license.

 In addition to its historic interior in the 1858 Cedarburg Grist Mill, the former Silver Creek Brewery has a popular patio overlooking Cedar Creek.
Photo by Mark Justesen

In addition to the name change, the new owners plan to do some remodeling and reorganizing within the space.

“It is actually designed as a pack-and-ship brewery, so we definitely plan to not only have our own beer on tap, but also sell and distribute it,” said Olds.

They plan to use the existing Silver Creek recipes as well as incorporate their own favorites, including Rod’s Spicy Banana, one of Otto’s personal favorites.

The new owners don’t plan to change a lot of what made the space so successful for many years. There are no immediate plans to add food service – BYO food will still be welcome – but an additional bathroom is in the works.

And there may just be a little entertainment on the schedule once Rebellion opens in a month or so as Otto owns 401K Karaoke, making the space a natural fit for those who like to exercise their pipes as well as their taste in beer.