Condo duplexes proposed for Pabst Farms
Valley Crossing II would have 52 residential units

By Alex Nemec - Enterprise Staff

March 29, 2018

OCONOMOWOC — More condos have been proposed for Oconomowoc — this time duplex buildings at Pabst Farms.

The Oconomowoc Common Council will have a public hearing for the proposed project called Valley Crossing II at Pabst Farms condominiums on April 17.

The new condos would be on the southwest corner of Valley Road and Pabst Farms Circle in Oconomowoc.

The request would change the residential layout from 39 single-family residential condos to 26 duplex buildings containing a total of 52 residential units.

Oconomowoc City Planner Jason Gallo said changing the plan from single-family homes to duplexes will match the current look of the community.

“Village Crossing is all duplexes right now,” Gallo said. “Village Crossing II will be very similar in character to the rest of the area.”

According to a narrative submitted to the city by Craig Caliendo of Dartmoor Investments LLC, the developer of the property, said there will be four different building types ranging from approximately 1,450 square feet to 1,950 square feet.

“The exterior materials and quality of the condominiums will follow the condominiums being built by Kings Way Homes and Dartmoor’s affiliate on the south side of Gold Medal Drive,” the narrative stated.

The narrative said the proposed development is consistent with the surrounding land uses.

“(It) is an area that will be adequately served by, and will not impose an undue burden on, any of the improvements, facilities, utilities or services provided by public agencies serving the property,” the narrative stated.

Interested persons may attend the public hearing in person or submit their opinions to City Clerk Diane Coenen in writing prior to the meeting, which will be held 7:30 p.m. April 17 at City Hall.

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