Country Springs Hotel renovations underway
Ballrooms, fitness room completely revamped, updated

By Chris Bennett - Special to The Freeman

April 6, 2018

Country Springs now boasts more than 40,000 square feet of newly renovated meeting space,
which were updated to look fresh and natural.
Submitted photo

WAUKESHA — As Country Springs Hotel is transformed under its new ownership, the goal is to make it warmer, friendlier, and even more inviting.

This coming summer, Country Springs Hotel will cease to be known by that moniker and will instead be renamed and rebranded as The Ingleside Hotel.

Tiffany Woodward, director of marketing and water park sales at Country Springs, said “ingle” is a synonym for fireplace. The new name is meant to evoke a feeling of coziness.

“The whole message — the whole branding message — is comfort and warmth,” Woodward said. “There’s that natural feeling to it.”

According to published reports, the sale of the property to the Waukesha Hospitality LLC — an affiliate of the Minneapolis-based Burwell Enterprises, Inc. — was announced in November. Plans for renovations and an eventual name change were announced at the same time.

Renovations at the property are well underway and are being executed to update the facilities and rebrand the property in the wake of its sale. The Gettys Group, which is based in Chicago and is a hotel design and development firm, is overseeing the process.

“They’re looking at updating it to make sure we’re providing wonderful, renovated space with the same service people have come to expect,” Woodward said. “The property has so many perks. It’s neat to see that updated, fresh new look not only for the guest rooms but the meeting rooms as well.”

Renovations of one wing of guest rooms at Country Springs Hotel are nearly complete.
Submitted photo

Woodward said renovations will likely continue in the coming years, but also said the ballrooms and a section of guest rooms are already done. Woodward said she’s held photo shoots in both the new guest rooms and ballroom to highlight the updated décor.

Country Springs now boasts more than 40,000 square feet of newly renovated meeting space. The guest rooms and ballrooms were updated to look fresh and natural. The white base of color in the ballrooms allows newlyweds hosting receptions a neutral pallet from which to decorate.

The new owners of the property also updated the wireless internet and audio-visual equipment.

The plan for renovating the guest rooms is to take them out of service in wings, renovate the rooms on that wing, and put them back in service. The plan allows for guest rooms to continue to be available during renovation. Woodward said staff at Country Springs is excited to be getting the first wing of guest rooms back in service within the month.

“I think the guests have really enjoyed some of the renovations as they take place,” Woodward said. “They already get to experience a brand-new fitness center, and the ballrooms are already done.

“We’ve been trying hard to communicate to our guests all the changes happening. We’re getting a lot of positive feedback.”

The remainder of the renovations this year call for the restaurant and lobby to be refreshed and renovated.

Work on Wildflowers Restaurant will start in early summer and hopefully be complete sometime in July. The restaurant will be renamed Didi’s, which Woodward said is in honor of the new owners’ childhood nanny. The lobby will be renovated at the same time.

For all the talk of renovations — of new colors and spaces, of new trim and paint — what will endure about Country Springs when it becomes The Ingleside Hotel are the people who make the property work.

“(The new owners) really saw a property where a lot of the staff have been here for years,” Woodward said. “It’s a great team, and a great location.”