Hurling hatchets
Axe throwing centerpiece of Waukesha’s newest bar, entertainment venue 

By CARA SPOTO - Freeman Staff

April 21, 2018

Friends and fellow “axe-perts” Alex Jackson (left) and LJ McMullen prepare for another axe throw at Lumber Axe, 2246 W. Bluemound Road. Seniors at Arrowhead High School, the 18-year-olds recently started working at the new bar, which offers escape rooms and virtual reality in addition to axe throwing.
Cara Spoto/Freeman Staff

WAUKESHA - A increasingly popular bar sport aimed at helping patrons blow off a little steam while accessing their inner warrior has arrived in Waukesha.

Lumber Axe,  an entertainment venue that recently opened at 2246 W. Bluemound Road, is now offering customers the chance to try their hands at axe throwing.

In addition to offering craft brews, the business also features escape rooms and virtual reality. Although kids ages 12 and older can participate in the escape rooms and virtual reality games, Lumber Axe is largely geared towards adults. The venue is one of the two strip malls nestled to the east of Home Depot.

Like a twist on darts, axe throwing essentially consists of competitors throwing an axe at a wooden target, attempting to hit the bullseye.

The owners behind the operation had already been operating escape rooms and a virtual reality kiosk at Brookfield Square when they decided to explore bringing axe throwing to the area.

“My partner is always looking for the latest in entertainment, and he did some axe throwing in Las Vegas and thought it would be something that work well in the Midwest,” Director of Operations Tracy Ferrito explained.

At that time the partners weren’t aware of any places in Wisconsin offering the sport. Since then, bars and entertainment venues in Bay View and Milwaukee’s east side have announced plans to offer it, but Lumber Axe is so far the only place in Waukesha where you can play.

The cost is $35 per person, per hour, for groups of two to five people, or  $30 per person, per hour, for groups of six to 10 people. Walk-ins will be $20 per hour, space permitting.

“We have five ranges, each range has two lanes for two targets, and we only book one group per range,” Ferrito said, noting that only the two people throwing are allowed into the range.


To further ensure the safety of the players, each group is accompanied by what she called an “axe-pert.”

“There are no axes laying around, you are not allowed to bring in your own axe. You can’t carry the axe anywhere. It does not leave the range,” Ferrito said.

Ferrito added that anyone who has had too much to drink will not be allowed to throw, but will be given the option of rescheduling.

The business is a member of the World Axe Throwing League, she said, and staff received training from the organization before opening shop.

In addition to its normal hours Lumber Axe, plans to host large groups and corporate events as well.

It won’t offer food per se, but  patrons who find themselves hungry after an evening of axe throwing will be able to order a select number of items from Albanese’s Roadhouse menu, Ferrito said.