Prestwick Group moving to Lac La Belle
Company will rebuild golf course

By Kelly Smith - Special to The Freeman

May 3, 2018

LAC LA BELLE — The Village Board unanimously approved Wednesday night an agreement that the Prestwick Group will rebuild the Lac La Belle Golf Course and then relocate its corporate headquarters on 26 acres adjacent to the course.

The vote followed a 90-minute closed session during which Village Administrator George Stumpf provided a progress report on negotiations with Prestwick and village trustees discussed the details of the 15-page development agreement, according to Village Attorney Hector de la Mora.

De la Mora and Stumpf explained there are two construction phases called for in the agreement.

During the first phase, Prestwick will totally redesign and rebuild the golf course it is purchasing from a group of owners.

Village officials say redesigning the golf course, which is adjacent to Lake Lac La Belle, will help improve the water quality of the lake by reducing surface water runoff into it.

Village President Tim Clark said the redevelopment agreement is consistent with the village’s top priority of preserving the lake.

Prestwick Vice President Tyler Morse said he expects the purchase of the course to be closed on Friday and reconstruction to begin immediately.

The course will be closed for a year.

The second phase of the agreement provides for Prestwick to build an approximately 60,000 square-foot corporate headquarters complex on 26 acres of farmland that is adjacent to the golf course.

Prestwick will purchase the 26 acres owned by the village for $340,000. The purchase price will also include sewer utility credits for the company.

However, approval by the village of the construction of the corporate headquarters is contingent upon Prestwick successfully completing the reconstruction of the golf course and gaining necessary village approvals including rezoning the land, according to village officials.

The rezoning will have to be approved by the Plan Commission.

However, Plan Commission approval of the development agreement is not necessary, according to de la Mora, because the agreement involves the redevelopment of existing land for a permitted use in the zoning district.

Morse said company officials are pleased and excited by the new agreement with the village.

The company, headquartered in Sussex, got its start in 1977 by using recycled materials to create equipment for golf courses and is named after the Scottish golf course that was the first site of the British Open Championship.

Ironically, the Lac La Belle course, built in 1896, is one of the oldest golf courses in the state and believed to be perhaps the only one in the country that had two teaching professionals who won multiple U.S. Open Championships in the early 1900s.

The company has expanded into the outdoor furnishing and equipment business, selling products in more than 61 countries and generating more than $200 million in revenues.

During the past seven months, the company has tried to get approvals from the city of Delafield to develop a corporate campus near the Interstate 94/Hwy C (Genesee Street) interchange.

Company and village officials have apparently been in behind the scenes negotiations over the development agreement for the past two months.

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