Denali Ingredients to offer more cookie dough options to meet demand

Conley News Service

July 12, 2018

New Berlin-based Denali Ingredients is adding more cookie dough options for its food industry clients.
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NEW BERLIN — Cookie dough has long been a favorite treat among adults and children and its popularity is only growing, according to New Berlin-based Denali Ingredients.

The company, which supplies ingredients to the food manufacturing industry, said in a release Wednesday that Americans are eating more cookie dough than ever before.

The company learned that flavors containing cookie dough have grown 14 percent in the past year.

As a result, Denali Ingredients has introduced several innovative extruded cookie dough products in unique shapes and sizes.

The new products include: spheres, squares, circles, triangles, stars, hearts, flowers and other original extruded shapes; football-shaped doughs, including a brownie dough for a Football Brownie Sunday ice cream flavor; chunky dough pieces that feature large random shapes; supersized, cookie dough “pucks” for food service and novelty applications.

Flavors will also go beyond the traditional, such as sugar cookie, oatmeal cookie, monster cookie, cheesecake, party cake, lemon cake, and red velvet cake.

“We are innovators at our core,” said Neal Glaeser, president of Denali Ingredients. “We put a lot of energy into creative flavor concepts that appeal to today’s market trends while at the same time providing new ideas to spark the next big branded product hit for our customers.”

Denali Ingredients is a leading supplier of chocolate coatings, fudge sauces, powders, fruit variegates, stabilizers, extruded products, flakes and other ingredients for the dairy, ice cream, bakery and food service industries.