The tangy taste of success
Homemade barbecue sauce leads to Benetís BBQ

By Mackenzie Christman - Special to The Freeman

July 12, 2018

 Andrae Dukes offers service with a smile at Benetís BBQ.
Mackenzie Christman/Special to The Freeman

WAUKESHA ó Like any good businessman, when Andrae Dukes wanted to begin marketing his homemade barbecue sauce to the world, he knew he had to beat the competition.

Frustrated with the ways his competition was letting customers sample their barbecue sauce on corn chips, he set out to give his clients a more authentic experience.

According to Dukes, corn chips distort the true flavor of the sauce.

He took a different approach and began showcasing his product to potential customers by letting them sample it on smoked pork shoulder.

Dukesí popularity increased among the workplaces he frequented with his samples and things took off from there.

For the past five years, Dukes has been running a BBQ stand called Benetís BBQ out of Beautiful Saviorís Lutheran Church, 1205 SE Avenue in Waukesha.

Benetís BBQ stand has a rotating selection of different kinds of smoked meat, including ribs, pulled pork and brisket sandwiches, all offered up with a side of Dukesís signature tangy, smoky BBQ sauce.

Dukes has experimented with the menu in the past but has decided he wonít be changing much because of how well the current selections are appreciated among patrons.

A small set-up though it might be, the quality of Dukesí menu draws in people from all over the area, including many regular customers.

ďI appreciate [my regulars] more than anything in the world,Ē said Dukes."

 Some ribs prepared by Andrae Dukes at Benetís BBQ.
Mackenzie Christman/Special to The Freeman

His work has even managed to impress customers hailing from what might be the barbecue capital of the United States ó Texas.

Tim Gregory, a regular customer at the stand, swears by the food at Benetís BBQ.

ďMy boss is from Texas,Ē Gregory said, ď[He] says itís the closest thing to a Texas BBQ you can get up here.Ē

Dukes remains humble about the unexpected success of his business, crediting the opportunity to have such a profitable operation to God and to his wife, Traci.

Dukes believes social media has also played a significant role. After creating a website for Benetís BBQ, Dukes turned to Facebook to notify customers of the rotating menu and hours of his stand.

Facebook has caused an explosion in business and has been key for Benetís increased popularity, Dukes said.

Dukes offers catering services as well, asking interested customers to give him a call on his cellphone at 414795-6169. For brisket or pulled pork by the pound, Dukes requires three daysí notice because of his careful process for meat preparation.

For more information about Benetís BBQ, including the daily menu and hours, visit