West Bend officials approve proposals for planned Fleet Farm development
Business looks to build expanded location at southeast corner of Highway Z and West Washington Street

By Ralph Chapoco

August 10, 2018

WEST BEND — The proposed Fleet Farm expansion planned for the southeast corner of Highway Z and West Washington Street in West Bend will continue with officials’ support for the development.

Members of the Plan Commission moved forward with a couple of proposals related to the project, one of which required formal approval while the other provided officials with information to determine if they had any concerns or problems with the construction plans. The first grants request from staff to establish a public hearing to amend the 2020 Comprehensive Plan, altering the land use for the area.

“The property is temporarily zoned B-1 Community Business District when it was annexed back in 2001 and 2004,” Business and Development Planner James Reinke said. “The Comprehensive Plan itself identified this area as wetland areas, commercial land uses, along with open space and two-family uses.”

Officials, along with Fleet Farm representatives, want to amend the plan for the site, changing the commercial land use, open space and two-family designations to commercial use — all to encourage the development of the property.

According to the accompanying memo that Reinke sent to members of the Plan Commission, should members agree with the staff recommendations, they requested a public hearing to solicit feedback from residents regarding the matter.

The memo states staff believe the change is appropriate for expanding the open spaces to the west and east, “creating a larger buffer and separation between the commercial use and the uses to the south and west.”

The zoning changes would occur at the date of the hearing, which would occur at the regular meeting for Sept. 11.

Reinke also presented the concept plan for the development of the site by representatives from Fleet Farm.

“The development proposal would be for a 190,000-square-foot Fleet Farm building along with a 5,000-square-foot gas station and convenience store with a car wash,” Reinke said. “They are also proposing a 5.8-acre site along Washington Street for future commercial development.”

According to Reinke’s memo pertaining to the concept plan, there will be two roadways to access the proposed development. The main entrance will be along Shepherds Drive with a second driveway proposed further to the west. Vehicles will not be able to enter the retail establishment along West Washington Street. Customers will have access to convenience store and fueling station from the main retail structure.

There will additional studies that need to be completed. That includes a traffic impact analysis to determine if road modifications are needed for Washington Street, improvements such as median alterations, turn lanes and traffic signals.

There will also be an environmental assessment to identify the wetlands and primary environmental corridor. There are two wetland modifications proposed with the 5.8-acre commercial development area. One is 0.05 acres and the other is 0.06 acres.

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