Eagles Landing approaching completion
The Parc at Lac La Belle scheduled to be done in May

By Alex Nemec

Sept. 20, 2018

 Owner and founder of Stapleton Realty, Maureen Stapleton said the model unit for Eagles Landing will be open in about a month. Each unit in Eagles Landing is sold as a shell, with the owner of the condo finishing it themselves.
Alex Nemec/Enterprise Staff

OCONOMOWOC — Construction on the Wisconsin Ave. condominiums on Wisconsin Avenue should be wrapped up by May as Eagles Landing and The Parc on Lac La Belle approach the end of their developments.

Maureen Stapleton, owner of Stapleton Realty, said Eagles Landing is selling a designer shell, which allows the individual buyers to design and finish their condos as they would like.

Stapleton said move-ins for the units will be staggered over the next six to eight months.

Eagles Landing has a model unit, however, that Stapleton said will be finished in the next month.

 The Parc at Lac La Belle under construction. The building at 200 W. Wisconsin Ave. has three units left to buy, Coldwell Banker Elite owner Jon Spheeris said.
Alex Nemec/Enterprise Staff

“The model that we’re doing, we’re going to have that open to the public,” Stapleton said. “I think that’s only fair to everybody that’s been wandering around for a year looking at the building; whether you want to buy one or not, you’re curious about it.”

Stapleton said the model will use all goods and services from the Oconomowoc area.

“You don’t have to go to Milwaukee or Madison or Chicago to get anything that you need ‘cause you can get it all right here,” Stapleton said.

The Parc at Lac La Belle is just the opposite, Coldwell Banker Elite owner Jon Spheeris said, because the The Parc at Lac La Belle will feature high end, finished condos. “When the person buys the condo it’s finished for them,” Spheeris said. 'We’ve got 55 different types of floors, 75 different finishes for the cabinets, people are doing custom cabinets and custom bookcases.”

Spheeris said only three of the 18 units are available and construction on The Parc at Lac La Belle should be finished in May.

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