Brew City Boost was duo’s dream
Richfield auto shop offers performance upgrades, modifications

By Joe VanDeLaarschot

Oct. 12, 2018

President Casey Richmond, left, and Operations Manager Kelly Chapin pose for a photo in front of a replica 1965 Ford Cobra on Thursday afternoon at Brew City Boost in Richfield. The auto shop specializing in Ford vehicles opened Sept. 1. An open house is scheduled for Oct. 20.
John Ehlke/Daily News

RICHFIELD — The start of a recently opened business in the village came about after two co-workers realized while working as engineers they had a mutual interest in working on automobiles.

Their long-time dream of operating their own shop became reality when the former owner of C & M Auto in the village retired and sold the business and equipment to the duo — Kelly Chapman and Casey Richmond. Their retail auto shop specializes in performance upgrades, after-market modifications and tuning to help increase speed and overall car performance.

The start of the business took place after the two were working together at GE and Casey was doing some tuning work on the side. That’s when they teamed up.

“We’ve been operating our business out of our homes very successfully for two years and we plan on doing the same work at the old location of C & M and will basically do the same thing they were doing there before,” Chapman said. Chapman said Brew City Boost started six years ago “as sort of a fun side project doing Saab tuning.”

“We ran the internet-based business out of our homes and had steady growth each year,” Richmond said.

Three years ago, Kelly and Richmond started heavily investing in Ford tuning parts, which really catapulted the business. Then about two years ago, they left their engineering jobs to allow themselves to focus 100 percent on Brew City Boost.

“We still have our online business too,” Chapman said. “That’s how we started with an E-commerce website and our local business.

President Casey Richmond, right, helps guide Operations Manager Kelly Chapin onto a lift Thursday afternoon at Brew City Boost in Richfield.
John Ehlke/Daily News

“We’ve been looking for the right shop to move into for over a year. About six months a mutual customer (Jerry) of C & M Automotive and BCB suggested that we look at a possible merger,” Chapman said. “So we approached Marv Zuidema of C & M and started having some conversations about our growth goals.”

Chapman and Richmond said it took a few months to get all of the ducks in a row and finally opened the shop under the name of Brew City Boost on Sept. 1. While this was not a merger, Chapman and Richmond said it really couldn’t have worked out better.

“Marv was looking for a change to focus on what he likes doing best, building high performance cars, and focus less on managing the business side of things,” Chapman said. “We were looking for a shop with the equipment that we needed to grow our business of building, tuning, and repairing high performance vehicles.”

The business is setup to:

Build custom high performance vehicles (street, track and show)

Restore classic cars

Repair vehicles

Conduct custom dyno tuning

Serve as a storefront for after-market parts.

Produce dyno results

“The change has been a ton of fun; it’s so exciting to see all the cool cars come through the shop,” Chapman said. “This is what we live for.”

At noon Oct. 20, Brew City Boost will host a grand opening party. As part of the celebration, they will host one of the last local car meets of the season. The public is invited to attend.