Fresh Baked Touch of France coming to downtown
French bistro could open in February

By Alex Nemec

Nov. 8, 2018

 Fresh Baked Touch of France plans opening in February, offering croissants and other baked goods. Owner Jennifer Betances is currently selling her goods at the Oconomowoc Winter Farmers Market.
Alex Nemec/Enterprise Staff

OCONOMOWOC — Chef Jennifer Betances is looking to open Fresh Baked Touch of France, a new business at 114 E. Wisconsin Ave. that focuses around light French pastries and croissants.

Betances said she thinks Oconomowoc doesn’t have a place like hers and to prepare for her business opening, Betances has been at the farmers market since July.

“I figured there might be a niche for it so I started selling at the farmers market and now we sell out every weekend,” Betances said.

Betances said she is going to continue selling her products at the winter farmers market at Oconomowoc High School.

She said everything is handmade and doesn’t want her products to look industrial.

“I actually roll the dough out myself,” Betances said. “I like it ’cause it gives it an artisan touch. The unique pastries, they won’t all look the same.”

Betances said she currently makes 700 to 1000 pastries a month and would need a couple more pairs of hands to double or triple that number once she opens.

She said she doesn’t want to count her eggs before they hatch, but if everything goes well, Fresh Baked Touch of France could open in February.

Betances said it was her dream to open Fresh Baked Touch of France and she got her push from a friend who gave her some advice.

“He told me ‘To be a chef, if you want to be successful in what you love to do, you have to specialize in what you do,’” Betances said.

On the heels of that advice, Betances said, she went to Europe to study and was lucky enough to be at a point in her life where she could do so.

“I went to pastry school, I went to school in Spain to learn how to make tapas and Spanish foods,” Betances said. “I really fell in love with pastries.”

Betances said she hopes people will learn about her business little by little, but is still hoping it stays small.

“I’m not looking to be Starbucks,” she said. “I want Fresh Baked Touch of France to be small, hometown and good quality. I want to keep it sweet and have a home feeling to it.”