More parking signs coming to downtown West Bend
Business Improvement District votes to allocate $1,500 for more signs

By Ralph Chapoco

Dec. 7, 2018

Signs related to parking are seen Thursday afternoon in downtown West Bend.
Nicholas Dettmann/Daily News

WEST BEND — West Bend officials have implemented additional initiatives related to parking in the hopes of making it more convenient for visitors and guests travelling to the downtown area.

Members of the Downtown West Bend Business Improvement District on Tuesday voted to allocate $1,500 for the purchase of additional signs that will identify for the public the locations of various areas available for parking their vehicles.

“I was approached by Adam (Gitter) and Jay (Shambeau) to put together a suggestion list and locations of additional parking signs in the downtown area for customer parking and public parking,” Public Works Director Doug Neumann said.

Gitter is the Economic Development Manager and Shambeau is the city administrator.

As part of the discussion, Neumann included a list of locations where he and his staff planned to place the signs. There will a total of 23 additional signs placed throughout the downtown area, some as west as Seventh Avenue while others will be distributed as far east as the Wisconsin Street.

There will be some posted adjacent to the different stalls located throughout downtown West Bend, while others will be along the streets directing motorists to the areas.

Neumann estimated the total cost at about $1,200. That projection includes the signs themselves, along with the mounting surface the banding strap.

“The cost is just for the materials or the products themselves,” Neumann said. “There is no labor charged for this. I have discussed this with Jay and Adam, and as the city’s contribution to this parking issue, we would take care of the installation of these and assume the maintenance responsibilities moving forward if this is something you choose to do.”

Parking has been an ongoing dilemma that city officials, as well as improvement district leaders, face.

 There has been continued concerns among property owners and retailers regarding the limited parking that is available in the city’s downtown for customers.

In June, business improvement district leaders proposed sending another letter as a reminder to retailers and property owners that stalls in the immediate vicinity are designated as tier one spaces, meaning they are reserved exclusively for those who plan to shop and dine.

In the past, there was a proposal discussed among improvement district representatives about the possibility of citing vehicles that belong to employees, but officials eventually decided against it.

The sign spells out the word “parking,” along with an arrow, and is colored green.

“Is there a way to make the sign to look like something similar to what we have already started?” President Mike Husar asked.

There are some parking signs already posted in the area, all of which are colored blue, and Husar wondered if the colors could be altered to match the existing signs.

However, Neumann referenced the green color is appropriate for placement in the areas according to state standard.

Some members persisted, and Neumann said there is a possibility for changing the color to blue, which is what the members preferred.

“I think it is an investment that we need to make,” Anthony Jasen said.