Belman proposing subdivision in Town of Waukesha
Average sale price of residences would be roughly $555,000, developer says

By Cara Spoto

Dec. 9, 2018

WAUKESHA — Developer David Belman of Belman Homes is proposing a 55-unit residential development off Oakdale Drive, south of Glendale Road, in the Town of Waukesha.

Dubbed “Pebble Brook Hollow,” the development would be nestled amidst the existing subdivisions of Poppy Fields and Hazlehurst and consist of 19 residential lots and 36 condominiums.

The residences would reportedly start at $480,000 and go up to $850,000, with the average sale price of all residences being $554,540, a proposal states.

In order to move forward, the project will need a conditional use permit, as well as a planned unit development (PUD) permit.

The town’s Plan Commission is slated to consider requests for both items during a joint meeting with the Town Board at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday at the Town Hall off Center Road. A public hearing will be held before the Commission begins discussion on the matter.

In a staff review document contained in the packet for the meeting, the town’s planning consultant, Shaun Mularkey, recommends commissioners approve the conditional use  and PUD permits, as long as the developer submits to roughly 17 conditions. Among the those conditions are requirements that the residential lots be at least 33,788 square feet and the condominium have a minimum building separation of 20 feet, as well as a rear offset of 20 feet. Another condition also requires that Pebble Brook Court — a private road that is slated to be constructed on the property — will be built to town standards.

Other details

According to Belman’s proposal, the development would increase traffic on Oakdale Road by about 10 percent, adding around 390 weekday trips to a road that currently handles around 4,000 trips per day.

Belman also notes that the development plan for the 117-acre site would leave 56 percent of the land as open space.

The proposal also claims that the value of the homes in the development would be 26 percent higher than the average home in the Poppy Fields subdivision, and 62 percent higher than the average home in the Hazlehurst development, which would increase the value to all the homes in the area.

Attempts to reach the developer on Friday were unsuccessful.