Workforce numbers look to remain steady going into 2019
5% of Midwest employers may reduce staffing levels

Freeman Staff

Dec. 11, 2018

MILWAUKEE — Employers across the country largely think that the number of people they employ going into 2019 will remain the same.

The results of the most recent ManpowerGroup released today indicated that 71 percent of U.S. employers anticipate there will be no changes in their staffing levels in the fourth quarter, while 5 percent expect payrolls to decrease.

According to the survey of 11,500 employers, hiring prospects increased by 1 percent in the fourth quarter when compared to the previous quarter and 2 percent when compared to the fourth quarter a year ago.

ManpowerGroup said that employers in the western United States “report the strongest hiring intentions in more than 10 years with an improvement of 3 percentage points when compared with the third quarter of 2018. Northeast employers report slightly stronger hiring plans with a quarter-over-quarter increase of 2 percentage points. In the South, a quarter-over-quarter improvement of 1 percentage point results in the strongest outlook for the region in 11 years. The outlook for the Midwest declines by 1 percentage point in comparison with Quarter 3 2018.”

In the Midwest, 20 percent of the employers said they are expecting a 20 percent increase in their workforce, while 5 percent said they anticipate a decrease in the number of employees and 74 percent expect no change.

The government sector of Midwest employers reported moderately stronger hiring expectations for the fourth quarter, when compared to the previous quarter.

According to the survey results, hiring intentions improve slightly in five sectors: Construction, Education & Health Services, Durable Goods Manufacturing, Other Services and Professional & Business Services. Employers in three Midwest industry sectors report relatively stable hiring plans in comparison with Quarter 3 2018: Nondurable Goods Manufacturing, Transportation & Utilities and Wholesale & Retail Trade. Leisure & Hospitality sector employers in the region report considerably weaker hiring prospects when compared with the previous quarter, while the Outlook for the Information sector is moderately weaker. Employers in the Financial Activities sector report a slight quarter-over-quarter decline.