Former La Chimenea building to be repurposed for office space
Property owner does not intend to reuse the site for another restaurant

By Dave Fidlin - For the Daily News

Dec. 12, 2018

GERMANTOWN — The building housing the now-shuttered La Chimenea Mexican Restaurant along a major thoroughfare in Germantown is expected to live on. But another eatery is not part of the future plans.

The village Plan Commission on Monday voted to a series of technical zoning changes for the site, N112 W15251 Mequon Road, in response to the restaurant’s closure.

Property owner Chris Greene went before the Plan Commission at this week’s meeting and said he intended to reuse the vacant building for other uses, including office space. As such, the village is planning to amend the zoning stipulations for the site, which carries a technical classification of planned development district.

“The thought process was that La Chimenea would be successful forever,” Greene said. “Now that La Chimenea has failed and closed, the thought is … to use it as my office and, ultimately, potentially, add something on that west property.”

Greene owns additional land to the west of the La Chimenea building, and original plans encapsulated in the initial PDD zoning document indicated new construction would go on the site.

In his discussion with commissioners, Greene said there are no long-term plans for the west-end lot, though he said building for a warehouse- type business could ultimately be brought before the appointed body for review and consideration.

“There’d be the understanding it would be commensurate with the existing architecture,” Greene said of the possible proposal.

The west side lot’s access along Mequon Road could bode well for light industrial use, but Greene said no solidified plans are on the table at this time.