West Bend officials certify survey map at former Gehl site
Developers want to build commercial and residential space

By Ralph Chapoco

Dec. 12, 2018

MaryAnn Winter of West Bend waits to cross Water Street with her dog, Cheyanne,
near the former Gehl site Tuesday afternoon in West Bend.

John Ehlke/Daily News

WEST BEND — West Bend officials are modifying how they designate parcels near the downtown area to accommodate a proposed development that will occur on the site.

Members of the Common Council voted to approve a certified survey map during their meeting Dec. 3. The measure combines several lots into one and dedicates the needed remaining right of way for Forest Avenue at the former Gehl site located at the southwest corner of Water Street and Forest Avenue.

“We are just asking the council to endorse that, so we can record it and redevelop that property,” Business and Development Planner James Reinke said.

A certified survey map outlines the boundaries of properties, identify where one parcel begins and another ends. It must be made official before development can begin at the location.

There have been several measures introduced at council meetings in the past concerning the location. At one of the October meetings, members approved a second purchase agreement for the property for the developer, representatives from Van Horn Real Estate, essentially granting them exclusive rights to the location in exchange for a promise to develop the location.

Aside from combining several parcels, the certified survey map allows for the improvement of a street adjacent to the development.

“There are some remaining improvements that need to be done for the land to be developed, replacement of the road along Forest Avenue,” Development Director Mark Piotrowicz said in October.

Developers want to construct several structures on the property, a mix of commercial and residential spaces. The plan had been for two buildings for the north end portion of the area, both commercial, along with an accompanying parking lot.

At the time, Piotrowicz estimated the footprint to be 12,000 square feet for one and 15,000 feet for the other.

The southern part would consist of residential spaces, likely apartments.

Officials had been hoping to locate a developer for the property, especially since it is within a tax incremental finance district. The projected value of the development is about $20 million, and with a tax rate of $21 per mill, officials can expect to receive about $400,000 in additional annual property tax revenue.

New purchase agreement approved for former Gehl site