Parker’s Place owner Ellis starts nonprofit
Aims to help people who can’t afford gym memberships get their life on track

By Alex Nemec

Dec. 20, 2018

OCONOMOWOC — Parker’s Place owner Kevin Ellis has started a nonprofit organization called Corbin’s Foundation to help individuals get their health back on track if they can’t afford the fees associated with a gym membership.

Ellis said the nonprofit stems from Parker’s Place Weight Loss Challenge, which was for individuals who were 50 pounds or more overweight who wanted to improve their lives.

“I got frustrated because these people would lose the weight and I think they were more interested in the prize money than they were in actually changing their lifestyles,” Ellis said.

Since Ellis ended the Weight Loss Challenge he said he has had individuals come in who look dejected when they hear his rates because they can’t afford it.

Ellis said he would go the extra mile to help people who couldn’t afford the services, but kept getting burned by and ultimately had to stop offering the free services.

Ellis said Corbin’s Foundation is for helping people that truly want to change their lives.

“There is a population of people out there who just don’t care,” Ellis said. 'Then there is another population of people out there that do care. They’re the ones that are frustrated and I don’t want them to give up.”

Ellis said he needs about $100,000 to serve around five to seven people, which would give those people a one-year gym membership, 30 personal training sessions and a month of nutritional guidance.

When the person applies, the application is sent to a board of directors, who will never see the people applying, to decide if they are accepted into the program, Ellis said.

“I am the person’s advocate, if someone comes to me with an application, I am on their side,” Ellis said. “If the person is accepted into the program, they will tell me the terms of the program will be. If the person is rejected, they will tell me why also.”

If the person is accepted into the foundation, the person will need to be assessed within the first month to set a standard, Ellis said.

“After a year’s time, if there are no results or they go the opposite way, they will owe that money back to Corbin’s Foundation,” Ellis said. “There will be an agreement between the foundation and that individual and then for the next year after that, there are going to be some requirements associated with that.”

“There is a year’s stipulation after the program and after that if the person goes backwards they owe a percentage of it back. I’m holding them accountable for their own health.”

Ellis said he is currently looking for donors to help raise the money needed, but isn’t going to ask any individual person.

“If the people come to me and say the heard about what I’m doing or read about what I’m doing and give me a check, I will graciously thank them for it,” Ellis said.