Coffeeville Co. to open 2nd location in 2019
New shop opens Jan. 5 at Sunburst in Kewaskum

By Brianna Stubler

Dec. 27, 2018

JACKSON — Coffeeville Co. will open a second location in early January with a limited menu but the same community atmosphere.

Beth Frieseke, a sales and marketing employee for Coffeeville, said she was happy when Sunburst Winter Sports Park contacted the coffee shop with interest in expanding to their Kewaskum location.

A Sunburst manager frequented Coffeeville and wanted to change the ski hill’s previous space, which Frieseke said had more of a cafeteria- style feel than a cozy lodge. The goal is to make it more inclusive, welcoming and comfortable for parents. Its prime location offers potential for a gathering space, and as a local company, Frieseke said employees can best serve customers. She described the insight and interactions that Coffeeville can provide through their experience serving patrons.

“We hope this will be a good experience for the skiers, Sunburst and us,” Frieseke said. “Coffeeville in Jackson is a bigger space, but this will give them a taste of what we’re about.”

Community is an emphasis — food and drinks made by community members for other members of the community.

While it is a smaller, more limited model of the original Jackson location, it will be decorated similarly in hopes of offering a similar feel and experience, Frieseke said. With free Wi-Fi and plenty of spots to lounge, Frieseke said it will be more homey than what it is replacing.

Coffeville Co. is also looking for additional employees to staff the two locations. The positions would be great for high school students interested in working after school or on weekends, she said.

Frieseke said it has been an almost seamless transition from the time a Sunburst representative contacted them at the end of November to finalizing details prior to opening day.

To kick off ski season Jan. 5, Coffeeville Company Limited will begin serving coffee, soups, breakfast and bakery items at the ski hill’s warming house. The hours will vary daily and will be posted soon, but generally, the shop will be open in the afternoons during the week with longer weekend hours.

This is just the beginning of the partnership with Sunburst, Frieseke said. In addition to posting community events and encouraging involvement at planned events, Coffeeville would also like to use the space to support and educate on local groups or causes.

“We’re looking for way to work with Sunburst to use the space in the offseason, maybe once a month, to have maybe a vendor craft fair or a flea market or something like that,” Frieseke said. “We don’t know exactly what it will be, but that’s also part of this relationship; looking to expand to events in the offseason is something to be working toward.”