Oconomowoc Kmart is closing


Dec. 29, 2018

OCONOMOWOC — The Kmart at 1450 Summit Ave. will be closed come March 2019, according to a press release from Sears Holdings.

“As part of Sears Holdings’ processes to accelerate its strategic transformation and facilitate its financial restructuring, on December 27, 2018, the company informed associates at 80 stores that we will be closing these Sears and Kmart stores in late March 2019,” a press release from Sears Holdings stated.

Thirty-seven of the 80 stores that will close are Kmarts, according to the release.

Oconomowoc Mayor David Nold said he assumed with the other happenings going on with Sears that Kmart would eventually close, but just didn’t know when.

“This gives the owner of the property the opportunity to do what he wants to do or maybe bring someone else in,” Nold said.

Comments on an Oconomowoc Enterprise Facebook post generated a lot of interest and people suggested a Target Superstore or a Meijer to replace Kmart.

Nold said it’s sad to see Kmart close because it had been there so long.

“With the competition in the area, it couldn’t compete with what else is out there,” Nold said. “Their corporation just didn’t keep up with everyone else.

“Sears and Kmart both were very viable when they first came out. They just didn’t keep up with the times and what other companies are doing.”