Jackson salon completes months-long renovation
Desire 2 Inspire offers a range of makeup, hair services

By Brianna Stubler

Jan. 3, 2019

Sara DornBrook works on the Desire 2 Inspire salon expansion, which began in March and recently was completed. The Jackson-based business is growing with additional employees and a wide range of services.
Submitted photo

JACKSON — Desire 2 Inspire has completed a nine-month expansion to offer more services and employ additional salon professionals.

Owner and beautician Sara DornBrook said while she was always artistic, she never saw herself taking this route, in a role that has evolved into part-creative stylist, part-therapist, part-family member.

“People open up to us like they would like a therapist, so we hear a lot of interesting things — I think I saved someone’s marriage this summer,” she said. “I’ve worked with some of the same clients now for 10 and a half years, so they really become more like friends and family than clients.”

When she was young, some friends and her husband’s mom did hair, but DornBrook said she didn’t think it was something she would be good at, despite her artistic talents.

“But I realized it’s just like any job; you get training and learn how to do it,” she said. A two-year program followed by a two-year apprenticeship brought Dorn-Brook to her future business’ neighbors.

After about 10 years at Shear Convenience, DornBrook branched off in 2015 to offer additional services, like permanent makeup.

“I started in suite A and wanted to move to suite B so I could still stay connected to those girls, because they’re like my family,” she said. “But the guy in suite B had no intentions of moving so that pushed me over to the next room, suite C.”

The first woman to join her was a client who came to DornBrook for haircuts when she was 10. After years of a growing friendship, she asked DornBrook about going to cosmetology school and started an apprenticeship with her, and the trend continued with more clients becoming part of the Desire 2 Inspire team. The daughter of one of Dorn-Brook’s permanent makeup clients has started working at Desire 2 Inspire and will soon begin apprenticing with her.

Thus, the increase in staff necessitated an increase in space.

“I had other people contacting me and had planned on the expansion at the end of 2018, but when girls heard about it even more started messaging me,” she said. “It pushed me to expand sooner because I had the opportunity to have all these girls join the team,” which now consists of DornBrook and six others.

So in March, she acquired suite D, tore down the wall between them, and began the lengthy renovation process. Although she enjoyed her job and knew it was a good fit, she said she did not see herself in the position of owning and managing a salon with a group of employees.

“Never say never — as you get older your goals change and you don’t expect things to happen, so you have to go with the flow,” DornBrook said. “When I first started, what I’m doing now sounded extremely unrealistic without the experience, but as you grow, it just comes with it.” She stressed the need to work as equals, which she said may contribute to the friendly, welcoming feel in many customer reviews. “People aren’t allowed to call me the boss because we’re a team,” she said. “I feel like I’m more of a leader or mentor.”

Together, the team of seven offers a range of permanent makeup and hair services, as well as extended services that have grown with the company. DornBrook said she spent two years gaining education to offer permanent tattoos, including scalp tattooing for men and women experiencing thinning or balding. With the new year also comes a new how-to hair and makeup class for clients interested in learning how to replicate their salon looks at home.