Germantown company acquired by Nashville-based firm
Gen Cap America views Blower Application Co. as a viable option for continued growth

By Brianna Stubler

Jan. 4, 2019

The exterior of the Blower Application Company is seen Tuesday afternoon in Germantown. The company was sold to Gen Cap America in Nashville, Tenn.
John Ehlke/Daily News

GERMANTOWN — Blower Application Co. Inc. was recently acquired by Gen Cap America, based in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Germantown-based company sells products for shredding and trim handling to help dispose of paper, foil, light metal, wood pallets and skids or plastic.

Matt Lane, managing director of Gen Cap America, was the lead partner on the execution of the acquisition of the Germantown-based company.

“We’re going to hopefully add people, which brings jobs to southeast Wisconsin, and will provide intellectual capital as well as financial capital to the business, which will stay where it is,” Lane said. “We bought this business alongside management, which also has an ownership stake in it.” As a private equity firm, Gen Cap America looks for smaller companies to work with, Lane said. He heard about the company through an investment banker in Milwaukee, who saw that it was a potential fit and shared the information.

“This company fit the profile for what we’re looking for with a strong management team and a business that has a long history of success that operates in the manufacturing and distributing sector,” Lane said. It’s also somewhat recession-resistant, making it a viable option for continued future growth.

Gen Cap will invest in people and technology, Lane said, and assist the management team in order to grow the business.

“We can expand the current location but we can actually do more work out of that location the way it’s configured,” he said. This includes potentially adding another shift.

“We’ll look at opportunities to expand our product line, to expand service offerings, and we’ll look at our support people,” Lane said. This process is already underway and will be completed as soon as possible.

Company negotiations began in June 2018 and the sale closed Dec. 19 “We’re excited to be in Wisconsin,” he said. “This is our second investment in the state; we’re bullish on the state, and the workforce, culture, and traditional Midwestern values matches up nicely with us. We’re looking forward to the future with this team.”