New system helps with 163 shoulder replacements in first year locally

Freeman Staff

Jan. 4, 2019

WAUKESHA — In the first year of use by Pro-Health Orthopedic Care and the surgeons of Orthopaedic Associates of Wisconsin, ExactechGPS has helped with 163 shoulder replacements locally.

ExactechGPS’s guided personalized surgery technology is used at ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital, ProHealth Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital and the Orthopaedic Surgery Center in the City of Pewaukee.

The cutting-edge technology is the latest advancement in real-time visual guidance and alignment for shoulder replacement surgery. It provides a three-dimensional visual map of a patient’s joint, including places surgeons cannot easily see. It helps them better understand a patient’s anatomy before entering an operating room, and can be used for standard, reverse and stemless shoulder replacements.

Orthopedic surgeons Rick Papandrea, MD, Scott Schneider, MD, Christopher Kilian, MD, and Samuel Steiner, MD, of Orthopaedic Associates of Wisconsin, have performed 163 shoulder replacements using the advanced navigation system since it was introduced in December 2017.

“The innovative navigation offered by ExactechGPS pairs the surgeon’s expertise and an advanced computer system with the goal of improved accuracy and precision,” said John May, ProHealth’s vice president of ambulatory services, in a statement. “This technology offers significant benefits for our patients.”

While not as common as knee replacement, total shoulder replacement is performed to relieve arthritis pain caused by joint degeneration, accident or injury. During the procedure, the damaged portion of the shoulder is removed and replaced, typically eliminating pain and enhancing a patient’s range of motion.