Bowls joins Public Market
Work advances on Mequon Spur 16 development

By Gary Achterberg

Jan. 8, 2019

Andy Larson is bringing the second location of his popular Bowls restaurant in Walker’s Point to Mequon Public Market.
Submitted photo

MEQUON — Bowls, a popular restaurant in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood, was announced Friday as the latest addition to the Mequon Public Market.

Owner Andy Larson said he got the idea for Bowls while eating at a restaurant in Portland, Ore.

“It was so hard to find fresh, delicious and nourishing food that is quick that will not make you feel heavy and tired after eating,” said Larson, who also owns Float Milwaukee.

“I love the idea of a bowl as you can put so many things in this one dish to mix flavors and ingredients while getting a full meal with lots of variety in one dish,” he added.

Larson said he is very enthusiastic about joining Mequon Public Market, which will feature approximately 10 vendors in a food hall that is similar to Milwaukee Public Market, which has enjoyed great popularity in its location just south of downtown Milwaukee.

Other announced tenants are Anodyne Coffee, Beans & Barley, Purple Door Ice Cream, Café Corazon, Bavette La Boucherie, Screaming Tuna and Happy Dough Lucky.

Bowls features a varIeiy of healthy options at its current Walker’s Point location at 201 W. Freshwater Way in Milwaukee. More information is available online at

“I was blown away by this project,” Larson said. “The high quality of the design as well as the other tenants, most of which I’m familiar with.

“Cindy and Jenni are so passionate about the project and it is so well thought out,” he said, referring to Shaffer Development founder Cindy Shaffer and Jenni Vetter, its chief operating officer.

“I just knew Bowls had to be part of it from the first time I met with them and saw the layout,” he added. “It is also the perfect opportunity for Bowls to expand its reach to the north and bring in a wider base of every day and catering customers.”

Shaffer welcomed her newest Mequon Public Market tenant in a news release.

“As a frequent customer and fan of Bowls, this will fill a unique category that is missing from the North Shore,” Shaffer said. “This is the perfect addition to our mix at Spur 16 and Andy is an excellent partner.”

Mequon Public Market at Spur 16 is located at 6300 W. Mequon Road. It will be adjacent to St. Paul Fish Co., which will be the sole tenant in the “smokestack building,” which also is being renovated.

Other portions of the Spur 16 development, which is between the Ozaukee Interurban Trail and Buntrock Avenue, are a wellness building, a townhome development and three buildings with apartments. The development will begin opening this spring.

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