Walmart raises driver wages, can make up to almost $90K in first year

Freeman Staff

Jan. 25, 2019

On Thursday, Walmart announced it is raising the pay for its truck drivers so that during their first year of employment, a Walmart truck driver could make on average $87,500.
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MILWAUKEE — Yet another company is raising its wages to find workers. Walmart announced Thursday that its drivers will receive a pay increase so they can now earn an average of $87,500 in their first year of employment.

The new rates starting in February will include a per mile increase of $0.01 and a 50-cent increase in activity pay for arrive and arrive/drop occurrences, which means Walmart drivers will now be paid up to $1 every time they arrive at their destination and drop a trailer. The new all-in rate will be almost 89 cents per model.

“Our business is constantly changing, and it’s important that our fleet of truck drivers remains the safest and best trained on the road every day,” said Jon Hollinger, Walmart general transportation manager in Menomonie. “This wage increase is exciting, as it allows us the opportunity to find and keep those drivers that represent our principles and work to be the best at serving our stores, our customers and the places they call home.”

Walmart also promoted other benefits of being a truck driver for the company, including earning as much as 21 days of paid time off in their first year, predictable time home and no-touch freight. “For almost 50 years, we’ve understood the importance of recruiting and keeping the best truck drivers in the retail business,” said Jim Jansen, Walmart general transportation manager in Beaver Dam. “Our drivers remain the backbone of our company. The competitive wage is one part of what makes driving for Walmart a best-in-class career in the transportation industry.”

Each year, Walmart’s 8,000 drivers travel over 700 million miles and deliver millions of cases of merchandise to Walmart and Sam’s Club’s 4,700 locations across the nation, according to the announcement.